Out of the Barrel Monkeys Toy



Oh boy... the monkeys are out of the barrel!!

Unique hanging toy is designed around a medium sphere with hollow openings that your glider can easily grab and climb. Featuring plenty of charms with different textures for sensory enrichment, and a barrel secured to the bottom for hiding your foraging items. Of course the barrel comes stocked with monkeys! Take the monkeys out and hang their arms on the globe for your gliders to play with! Scatter toys like this satisfy your sugar gliders' natural gathering instincts. Reset in the morning for continued fun! Approx. Dimensions: 6" width x 14" height

This TPG toy is handcrafted by our experienced toy maker, which means we can assure you close attention to detail and safety! Every toy here is made entirely from Sugar Glider safe materials that have been tried and tested within the glider community for years. 

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