Hedgehog Food - Pelleted Diet



Nutritious and delicious pelleted diet is designed to replicate the food that your hedgehog would eat in the wild! High-protein, high-fiber formula mimics the insect portion of your hedgehogs diet and satisfies hunger. Provides a natural source of vitamin E, stabilized vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, and small levels of taurine better suited for carnivores. Highly palatable and nutritionally complete, this diet can be used to replace all or some of the gut-loading insects needed in a hedgehog's diet. Free of any added artificial colors and flavors. No supplements necessary. Made in the USA
  • Hedgehog Food should be at least 50% of your pet's dietary intake. Insects, vegetables, and fruits should be less than 50% of the total diet, high sugar items should be limited to less than 5%. Daily consumption is typically 1-3% of bodyweight. Food intake will vary based on growth rate, activity, environmental temperatures, and life stage. For example:
    • A 10 oz (300 g) hedgehog may eat 2-3 teaspoons (4-6 g) daily
    • A 1.5 lb (700 g) hedgehog may eat 1-3 tablespoons (7-21 g) daily
  • Soaking pellets in water may help transition hedgehogs that are used to eating soft/moist diets. After 1-2 weeks on a soaked diet, slowly transition to less water and eventually offer a dry diet.

Sold in 14oz bag. Store sealed in cool, dry area. Diet is good for 1 year from manufacturing date. Freezing is okay and may extend freshness. Adhering to "Best By" date on package

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