Flower Power



This Flower Power toy will be the talk of the party for your sugar gliders! Centered around a flower shaped hand clapper toy, we have attached a BUNCH of awesome accessories for guaranteed suggie fun! At the end of the flower you will see several hanging chains with an assortment of charms and goodies to interact with. This toy is similar in concept to developmental toys that we would give to a baby, offering a variety of different shapes and textures for your gliders to explore! Watch as your fur babies maneuver around the toy, playing in the strands and inspecting different trinkets that catch their eye.The variety of stimulating pieces that your gliders can interact with on this toy is what makes it so enriching for their active little minds!

Of course we also had to add a foraging cup to top off this toy! Foraging cups are great to hide some of your gliders' favorite treats in and encourage them to "hunt" for their food. This keeps their senses sharp and their curious brains active! Sugar gliders in the wild are opportunistic-feeding omnivores, so this hunting behavior is something they naturally look to engage. That's why we LOVE to have foraging features on our toys!

Approximate Dimensions: 4" Width x 18" Height.
Would you like to see the super sized version? Check out our Spirit Fingers Toy! It has a few extra bonus features too!

Disclaimer: Each of our custom handmade toys will vary in color, shape and size. 
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