Elimina Odor Remover is a product that can eliminate pet odors within three days. Its active ingredient, anthium dioxide, improves digestion and selectively oxidizes odor molecules in waste. It works with the pet's digestive system to eliminate urine, feces, body, gas, and scent spray odors.

The main ingredient in Elimina is a chemical called anthium dioxide. It is commonly used in various industries like food processing, bakeries, and hospitals and is dilluted enough to be safe and ingested by small animals. In over two decades of clinical research involving various animals such as mice, rats, and monkeys, the primary component, anthium dioxide, has consistently demonstrated its safety. Numerous studies have confirmed that this ingredient poses no harm.

This is made to be sprayed on top of food but we recommend mixing it into your glider's food. 

Comes with sprayer in a 8 oz. bottle.


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