Mega Luxury Cage Silver Vein

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Sugar gliders are high energy animals that require a fairly large cage and a sugar glider safe wheel. They’re also very small animals so your bar spacing is super important! Our Mega Luxury Cage provides more than enough space for your sugar glider colony. You can even fit 2 Glider safe Raptor Wheels inside for multiple gliders - no problem! And there's still extra room for more glider goodies. 

This spacious cage measures 56"H x 30"W x 18"D, with a glider-safe bar spacing of 1/2''. Cage comes with a matching stand on wheels for added convenience. Total height of the cage on the stand measures 72'' tall.

With the Mega Luxury cage, you can fit up to 8 Sugar Gliders comfortably. This cage is designed with safety in mind and durability to give you peace of mind. Assembly is quick and easy (comes with picture instructions)!

There are 2 large doors featured on the front so you can easily reach inside and rearrange your setup. Pull out tray at the bottom makes for quick and easy cleaning. Also comes with metal shelves, ladders, perches and plastic feed dishes! 


The Pet Glider recommends cleaning your cage every 3-4 weeks depending on how messy your sugar gliders are. Sugar Gliders are scent based animals, meaning they like to mark their territory and will over-mark their surroundings if they don’t recognize their smell. It’s important to rotate your cleaning (washing your cages, toys and pouches on different days) so that your gliders always have their scent somewhere in the cage and do not feel the need to over-mark their cage. 

When cleaning, secure your sugar gliders in a safe spot and remove all fleece products & toys from inside the cage. Wheel your cage outside and simply hose it down. If you have a pressure washer, we would recommend power washing. Add some Chlorhexidine solution for a safe disinfectant. Wipe down your bars after cleaning to prevent rust. Spray with Healthy Habitat for a fresh scent!  

If you’re unable to hose your cage down, you can wipe the bars with a wet warm towel.

***All Cages Are Shipped Through UPS Ground Regardless Of Shipping Selection*** 


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