The Pet Glider makes every effort to provide the finest companion pets, and to encourage our customers to make informed decisions before purchasing a pet! The sugar glider(s) are warranted, by The Pet Glider to the original purchaser, to be healthy at the time of purchase unless specifically noted otherwise.  If you have questions or concerns after receiving your sugar gliders, you must contact us immediately . In order for The Pet Glider’s guarantee to cover your gliders’ needs, all of the following conditions must be met, and proper documentation/proof must be supplied.

  • I understand I am to obtain a wellness exam and a fecal float/smear test by a Licensed Exotic Veterinarian within 72 hours of my sugar glider(s)  arriving in my possession. If any signs of illness were shown prior to this, I understand that this timeline is shortened, and I agree to take my gliders to a Vet immediately. 
  • I understand that should the Veterinarian certify that any health-related issues (raised at the time of the wellness exam) can be traced back to The Pet Glider, TPG will cover the cost of medications administered for those issues. Customer must notify The Pet Glider within (1) business day of receiving medical diagnosis and provide a letter of findings, as well as proper documentation of diagnosis, to The Pet Glider, along with the receipt of exam and medications. 
  • I understand that medical conditions which develop after 72 hours of receiving my sugar gliders are my responsibility to handle, as the purchaser, and that any conditions which arise after 72-hours will not be traceable to TPG’s care. 
  • I understand that I must be using the TPG Diet & Vitamins to ensure the best possible health conditions. If I choose to change the gliders’ diet, I understand that this diet change may cause stress, which can lead to behavioral changes and/or illness. 
  • The Pet Glider does not reimburse travel expenses or veterinary fees for ailments of any kind. This includes but is not limited to veterinary exams, any/all diagnosis testing, medications, or treatments. These are the responsibility of the new owner(s). The Pet Glider is only liable for the cost of medications that may be prescribed during a wellness exam, if obtained within the initial 72-hour timeframe.                                    
  • I assume complete responsibility for purchasing sugar glider safe products, including cage, wheel, toys, and cage accessories. I have considered TPG’s recommended products/brands and accept that TPG will not be liable if I choose to use other brands of non-approved products. 
  • I understand that Sugar Gliders purchased from The Pet Glider are non-refundable and non-returnable, and are not warrantied beyond 72hours.
  • I understand that any verbal statements contrary to this agreement are non binding and that all agreements/guarantees must be obtained in writing.