The Pet Glider is based in Houston, TX, and has eighteen years’ experience in safely shipping sugar gliders around the world. If you're able to visit to our Houston office, you can pick up your sugar gliders and all the supplies you need in person! We ship our sugar gliders to more than 200 airports within the continental US, and also offer international shipping on a case by case basis.

We typically ship at least 1 day each week, and finalize all paperwork the week prior, meaning that you can expect to wait at least 1 week after your purchase for shipping arrangements to be scheduled. We cannot guarantee any length of time for glider shipping. Once your gliders are ready to have their transportation arranged, our shipping department will look at how your location fits into their schedule and they will contact you with an estimated date to receive your gliders. Due to weather changes and airline restrictions, shipping is subject to change at any time.



Once you have placed an order for your Sugar Gliders, you will receive a call from The Pet Glider within 1-3 business days. If you have not received any contact from us via call/text/email, then please give us a call at 713-446-4415 to set up a shipping date for your Sugar Gliders. 

At the Pet Glider, we fly (ship) our sugar gliders on Passenger Planes in the cargo areas. Please be aware that there is the potential for flights to be delayed or rescheduled due to issues beyond our control, such as weather or mechanical concerns. We package our gliders with extra hydrating food and water gel for this reason and include instructions for airline personnel on the shipping crate in case of delay.

Your Sugar Gliders are guaranteed to arrive healthy and safe!

Sugar Gliders will be shipped to an international airport near you, and will arrive the same day that we send them. A person over 18years old will have to receive the gliders at either the baggage claim or cargo area of the airport, with a valid ID. Specific pickup instructions will be emailed to you at the time that your flight is booked. 



Domestic Fights

The shipping cost is a flat rate of $350.00 for domestic flights (United States) and this covers up to 6 sugar gliders within the shipping crate. If additional shipping pouches are needed, there will be an additional charge of $16.50 per pouch. The airline that we use can vary based on your location. We ship all over the United States, excluding California, Hawaii and Alaska. Additional states may be off limits at different times of the year, due to embargoes or temperature restrictions.

International Flights

Canada is considered an international destination; therefore, shipping will need to be discussed & quoted. In addition to Canada, we are Expert International Shippers and ship our sugar gliders worldwide! If you have questions about shipping to your area, please email:

Summer Heat or Winter Cold: We typically use Delta Airlines and American Airlines to ship our sugar gliders domestically. Some airlines have heat or cold embargoes imposed for the safety of the animals. Live animals are not allowed to take off or land in a location where the temperature is not safe for the animals. We do our best to work around these embargoes. Be advised that we may have to postpone the arrival of your new family member until the weather in your part of the world either cools down or warms up enough for animal shipment. For more information about airlines and embargoes, email: