The Pet Glider is based in Houston, TX, and has seventeen years’ experience in safely shipping sugar gliders around the world. If you're able to visit to our Houston office, you can pick up your sugar gliders and all the supplies you need. We ship our sugar gliders to more than 200 airports within the continental US.

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We also ship our supplies, including cages, food, and more, to your home using the United States Postal Service and UPS.

Can't wait to get your sugar gliders? Don't worry - for an additional $75, we will ship them on the day you requested. We require 3 – 7 days’ notice; we must prepare your gliders for the trip and their new home.

Email to request your preferred day.

Our Sugar Gliders are guaranteed to arrive healthy and safe.

How does shipping a sugar glider work? Is it safe?

Domestic travel

We use the United Airlines PetSafe® division almost exclusively. PetSafe® is their specially designed program for transporting animals that are not eligible to travel in the aircraft cabin. Pets travel within United's specially designed plane compartments that are pressurized in the same way as passenger cabins. Warehouse facilities and aircraft are climate-controlled for the safety of your pet. To ensure comfort in any weather conditions, pets will be the last cargo loaded and the first cargo unloaded from the plane. Pets receive personal handling in climate-controlled vehicles for connections in United's hubs. United Pet Safe flies to 196 airports within the continental United States. They are the only airline that offers this complete protection for animals.

If we need to use another airline because the airport you requested is not supported by United (and that is rare); we are subject to weather restrictions; they vary on the season and the area. And there is a cost increase.

International Travel

We have successfully shipped around the world for more than ten years. The United States has specific requirements as does the destination country. Step one is always determining if we can ship to the country. If so, your sales person will work with you on the details and all the costs associated with the international shipment.


Currently we ship to Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal.

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