Neutering Process

Neutering your adopted male sugar gliders reduces odor, decreases health problems and aggression. 

If you're purchasing a male sugar glider from The Pet Glider, you can choose to have the male neutered.  The procedure is fast, safe, and performed by a local veterinarian with a great deal of experience.  Neutering has been found to decrease health problems, eliminate testicular cancer, decrease aggression, and reduce the odor that can occur with male gliders.  Neutering is included for most pet only male glider purchases.

We take our gliders to Dr. Dan Jordan of Animal Medical Center of the Village. He is an award-winning exotic veterinarian with years of experience with sugar gliders, and we know he treats our gliders right!  If you're in the Houston area, please check out their website, linked above, for more information.

Dr. Dan Jordan and Melissa

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