Sugar Glider Cages

Just like all pets, a sugar glider needs its own space where it can rest and relax safely. You want to create an environment where these playful and cuddly pets can enjoy their toys, nibble on their food, or just sleep the day away.

At The Pet Glider, we provide habitats or cages that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of sugar gliders and their owners. Our sugar glider cages are made from durable, glider-safe material and can easily accommodate the accessories you have in mind, such as perches, hammocks, nesting cloths and toys.

How to Pick the Right Cage for Your Sugar Glider

Sugar glider cages with horizontal and vertical bars are the best kind. This type allows sugar gliders to grasp bars easily and safely.  The spacing on the bars should be no more than half an inch so that you can be sure that your sugar glider remains securely inside.  You need a cage where your sugar glider can move around with ease or be comfortable whether you have just two gliders or a small colony. The Pet Glider’s cages, measuring at 36" x 30" x 18", give your sugar gliders the room they need to glide in comfort and style!

We have two different types of cages: a tall cage (without a stand) and a luxury high rise cage which comes with its own stand, complete with a shelf below for additional storage.  The luxury high rise cage also has heavy caster wheels for easy movement.  Either cage provides an excellent environment for your sugar gliders.

Expert International Shippers

Whichever cage you choose from our catalog, you can be sure that it is a great investment. As an experienced provider of sugar glider cages and other products, we are the ones to trust for all your needs in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, TX. We ship sugar glider supplies not only across the United States, but also internationally.

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