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The Pet Glider Nutritional PackageThe Pet Glider understands that each sugar glider is a precious member of the family and deserves only the best nutrition and supplies, which is why we offer a wide selection of sugar glider accessories, cages, treats, and more. Browse through our comprehensive catalog of sugar glider supplies today!

Our Sugar Gliders

If you are looking for a cuddly and loyal companion, look no further. From young joeys to adults, we offer a range of friendly sugar gliders of all colors, sizes, and genders. We also offer “cage mates,” pairs of sugar gliders that are already bonded with each other.  If you’re looking to buy a male glider, we can also have it neutered for you by our local veterinarian.  Click here to view our wonderful sugar gliders!

Cages and Habitats

Treat your furry friend like royalty with our exceptional sugar glider cages for sale. A sugar glider cage must have a design that suits the needs of your pet and can be a secure haven for relaxation. Check out the sugar glider cages we offer to find the finest habitat for your pet.  Your glider can also snooze in style in our comfortable sugar glider pouches. You can also carry your glider with you for a better bonding experience thanks to our variety of bonding pouches, such as the sling pouch and the bonding pouch with a view.

Food and Nutrition

We are home to the one and only Pet Glider Complete Multivitamin with Calcium™. The Pet Glider nutrition plan has produced the healthiest gliders many exotic veterinarians have ever seen.

The Pet Glider Complete Multivitamin™, together with The Pet Glider Fresh Diet has also been a major factor in producing happy and healthy sugar gliders. This vitamin supplement contains the vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, that are essential to your glider’s health. Take it from Michele, one of our many satisfied customers:

“My gliders look so much better after a full month of your diet! They are nore active and there coats look better. I didnt even realize that there coats were dull untill I saw the change happen. Whatever it is about your diet [. . .] keep up the great work! You now have a customer for life!”

When it comes to your pet’s nutrition, don’t leave anything to chance. Our Ultimate Glider Nutritional Package will keep your sugar glider healthy and happy. Aside from staple sugar glider food like cereals and monkey biscuits, we also offer yogurt treats, dried fruits, and other tasty snacks.


Sugar gliders need an active and stimulating environment to keep them at the peak of health. We offer sugar glider toys that will give your pets plenty of exercise during their nightly playtime.

National and International Licensed Shipping

Get our supply bundles and have everything you need to take great care of your sugar glider at a discount. For both new and experienced owners, we have a sugar glider book detailing these wonderful animals, and we offer free sugar glider videos in our blog.

You can count on us for high-quality sugar glider supplies in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, TX, Louisiana, and beyond. The Pet Glider is licensed to ship sugar gliders not only across the United States, but also in other countries worldwide.