Sugar Glider Supplies

Sugar Glider Supplies
The Goods You Need for the Gliders You Love
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For a new sugar glider owner, welcoming a new glider (or three!) into your home is an incredibly exciting time.  You can look forward to years of laughter and love with your new furry friends.  Proper preparation is key, as you want to make sure that you have everything you need to keep them safe and happy in their new environment.  Having everything ready ahead of time, before you even bring your suggies home, is a great relief.

As your average pet store isn't equipped with the latest in sugar glider supplies, it's even more important to have everything you need ahead of time so that you're not waiting for items to come in the mail!  Here at The Pet Glider, we recommend new glider owners have at least the following items ready for their new arrivals at home:

  • Cage: A metal, powder-coated wire cage (or using glider/baby safe paint) with enough room for the sugar gliders to "glide" around a bit.  This would measure at least 2.5' wide and 3' tall.    Do not use a galvanized steel cage.  The most important aspect of the cage is the vertical bars – they should not be spaced wider than 1/2". No manufacturer has produced "sugar glider" cages, so you would be looking for bird cages.  We have two different types of cages:  a tall cage (without a stand), and a luxury high rise cage which comes with its own stand, complete with a shelf below for additional storage and wheels for easy movement.  Both of these cages are 36" x 30" x 18".  You can also source your cage locally, though keep in mind the bar spacing requirements.
  • Exercise Wheel: Sugar gliders have very high metabolism and need a good source of exercise.  It's also quite fun to see them running around on their wheels, often jumping across the length of the wheel in an energetic "mini-glide"!  The wheels we sell are "Velociraptor Wheel," which come in a variety of colors, move quietly and quickly thanks to two skateboard bearings for increased durability, and come installed with two patches of nail trimmers in the track to help tame your glider's nails.  This brand of wheel is specially made for The Pet Glider.  Please note that these wheels are produced and delivered from a third party who custom makes each wheel, and there can be a lead time from order to shipment from 2 to 10 days.
  • Sleeping Pouches: This comfortable pouch hangs inside the cage, and come in a variety of colors and styles.  We sell two different sizes that can hold different numbers of sugar gliders: a standard Sleeping Pouch, and a larger, Colony Size Pouch.  We recommend that you have two sleeping pouches, so that you can have one to spare while you wash the pouch.
  • Glass Water Bottle: With a double ball bearing system, this water bottle is the only one we recommend.  Thanks to their special internal design, sugar gliders can easily drink from it, and they are less prone to leakage than their plastic counterparts.
  • Pet Glider Fresh Diet: As seen in our Fresh Diet information page, our diet is specially formulated to provide sugar gliders with the nutrients they need and a taste they love.  Having the food available ahead of time means you can serve your sugar gliders dinner the day they arrive in your home, saving you ample time for bonding!
  • Nutritional Package This package includes items mentioned in our Pet Glider Fresh Diet, and is essential for sugar glider care.  The cereal is an important part of a sugar glider's diet, serving as a free feed option in between our "wet" Fresh diet.  The monkey biscuits are a healthy, tasty snack that also help clean your sugar glider's teeth with a dental guard.  Our Pet Glider Complete Vitamins with Calcium are a custom blend, pioneered by our founder Priscilla Price, which supplement a glider's diet with essential, human-grade vitamins (most notably calcium, which tends to be lacking in captive gliders).  Owners have reported significant improvement in the health and wellbeing of their gliders who have switched to The Pet Glider Fresh Diet with Complete Vitamins.


Here at The Pet Glider, we'd like to make it even easier to get the supplies you need to welcome your new gliders into your home, so we're offering the bundles below!  There are three versions, Basic, Basic PLUS, and Deluxe.  They're available to be shipped to you, and you save even more if you're able to pick them up at our Houston, TX!