Caring for Your Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders are highly intelligent and extremely loveable creatures that will snuggle their way into your heart. With a life span that can reach 15 years, gliders need proper care and attention so that you can enjoy each other’s company to the fullest. Below are ways to care for your cuddly sugar glider.


Creating a space where your sugar glider will feel safe and secure is important in building confidence, especially for young gliders. A sugar glider cage should have sufficient room for your pet to glide and jump around. Most owners also incorporate toys such as ropes or wheels so that gliders can have enough activities and exercise even when inside the cage. You can also place hammocks, water dispensers, nesting blankets, and other accessories to make your pet truly at home.


Sugar gliders are nocturnal so make sure that you provide a calm and relaxed environment for them to sleep during the day.


As with other pets, a well-balanced diet is essential to the health and development of a sugar glider. Aside from staples such as cereals and monkey biscuits, fresh food should also be incorporated in the diet. You can easily prepare a meal for them using yogurt, vegetables, chicken, turkey, and fruit.  Occasional treats include yogurt drops, dried fruits and veggies, and one of their favorite snacks: mealworms!


Sugar gliders are very sociable creatures and thrive in a colony  setting. This makes them loyal companions and a great addition to the family.  After welcoming your sugar glider home, you can start the bonding process. A trusting and loving relationship is important in bonding with your pet. Keeping them with you while they are sleeping and playing with them are some of the ways to create a lifetime bond.

For All Your Sugar Glider Needs

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