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The Pet Glider - Glider World

11407 Craighead Rd 
Houston Tx 77025


TPG - Owner

Priscilla Price  

Text (713) 213-2020

TPG - Sales, Customer Service, Domestic or International Shipping

Stephanie Harris - Domestic & International Sales Manager
(713) 446-4415
TPG - Sugar Glider Store 

We are looking to supply your little friends with all of their needs from nutrition, cages, toys, pouches and more! Order from our website or contact us by phone if we need to customize an order for your needs. You are welcome to pick up your products here at our store or we can ship directly to you.

Dale Hyde - Store Product Sales
(832) 900-9751

TPG - Pedigree Program 

If you have questions concerning our Online Pedigree Program or general questions on breeding, Give us a call and we'll get your questions answered.

Remy St. Paul - Pedigree Program Specialist
(832) 815-2949

Feel free to give us an email or call should you have any questions or would like to pick out your perfect glider! Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!


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If you have questions on adoption of gliders, domestic sales and shipping or care and feeding -- please email one of our staff.


Be sure to check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions, as that may have the answer you're looking for about shipping, bonding, and more!

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