TPG Sugar Glider Brunch

TPG Sugar Glider Brunch

Our New Limited Ingredient Cereal!

Specially formulated as a healthy all-day brunch snack for your sugar gliders. Sugar Glider Brunch tastes great and is small-sized for your sugar glider’s small hands & mouth. Keep Sugar Glider Brunch available for your gliders at all times. It’s an “all day sugar glider brunch snack”. Feed in small amounts and change Glider Brunch daily; sugar gliders love fresh food! You love your sugar gliders, only feed them the best. The TPG Fresh Diet is still their main meal.  

TPG Monkey Biscuits

We recommend and sell the Mazuri Growth and Repro biscuits which consists of 25% protein. Monkey Biscuits are not a nutritional requirement for our diet, however, they contain a dental guard and will help keep your sugar glider's teeth clean and healthy. Our recommendation is 1/2 to 1 biscuit per Sugar Glider per day.

Sample - Monkey Biscuits

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Monkey Biscuits

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Cereal & Monkey Biscuit Combo

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