Collin Jr. & Independence (Breeding Pair) $1,898.00

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Collin Jr. is a Male Piebald. His OOP is 10-4-18.

Independence is a Female Piebald. His OOP is 1-8-18.

Collin Jr. and Independence are cagemates and the best of friends. They love to munch on worms and snuggle up close to each other when laying down for a nap. They also enjoy playing with eucalyptus leaves and their raptor wheel. 



Please note that all deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Deposits will hold your Sugar Gliders for up to 30 days and it will go towards your final balance. If you need help, please contact us by phone (713) 446 - 4415 or email us at

Sugar Gliders Are Colony Animals

This means they need to be kept in pairs or more. If you do not have another glider, you will need to get (2).

Please contact us if you have any questions or need help selecting your new companions.

Shipping Domestic

We can ship to most states EXCLUDING.. California, Hawaii & Alaska.

You must pick up your Sugar Gliders from the international airport. Please contact us for shipping price.

We typically ship every Fridays and the cutoff date for Sugar Glider shipping is Tuesday @ 2 P.M. CST.

They will arrive the same day we ship and you will have to pick them up from your closest international airport in either baggage claim or cargo. Your Sugar Gliders are guaranteed to arrive healthy and safe. At the Pet Glider, we fly (ship) our sugar gliders on Passenger Planes that have climate-controlled cargo areas (with same day arrival). Please be aware that there is the potential for flights to be delayed or rescheduled due to issues beyond our control, such as weather or mechanical concerns. We package our gliders with extra hydrating food and water gel for this reason and include instructions for airline personnel on the shipping crate in case of delay.

Shipping International

Canada is considered an international destination; therefore, shipping will need to be discussed & quoted. In addition, we are Expert International Shippers and ship our sugar gliders worldwide. If you have additional questions about shipping to your area, please email:


Sugar gliders are very active animals with high metabolisms. Therefore it is important that you have a proper enclosure for them as well as feed them a well balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and protein.

-Your cage needs to be at least 3 feet tall, 2.5 feet wide with bar spacing no more than 1/2 inch apart.

-Sugar Glider safe wheel. (No rat or hamster wheel. Completely flat backing with no moving bearing mechanism on the inside of the wheel. Gliders also need tracks to grab onto.)

-Sleeping pouch (something for them to sleep in)

-Glass Water Bottle (no water bowls or plastic bottles)

-TPG Nutritional Package (Brunch, Monkey Biscuits, & Essential Vitamins)

-Toys to keep their mind active

Bonding pouch (to start the bonding process and to take them with you anywhere out of the cage)


The Pet Glider Fresh Diet: The Pet Glider Fresh Diet consists of unsweetened apple sauce, whole milk yogurt, calcium-fortified orange juice, oatmeal, protein (chicken, turkey or eggs), fresh or frozen vegetables and fruits. 1 ½ tablespoons per glider per day served in late afternoon.

Vitamins: You must sprinkle a good multivitamin/multi-mineral, with calcium, on your gliders food everyday. These should be specifically made for sugar gliders with calcium to phosphorous ratio of at least 2:1.DO NOT USE REPTILE VITAMINS FOR YOUR SMALL MAMMAL! CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Fresh Water: You must be sure to provide your sugar glider with fresh water daily. We recommend you use filtered water and never let your water bottle be empty. WE DO NOT recommend Glideraide because it is high in sugar and it contains an unspecified amount of vitamins which could be too much when combined with other vitamins given on a daily basis. We recommend the Lixit glass water bottle and it is available on our store on our website. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Brunch: The premium cereal (brunch) we use here at The Pet Glider is high in protein and low in fat. It has human-grade chicken, whole grain rice, and many other nutritious ingredients. Keep a small bowl in the cage at all times. We recommend 1 tablespoon per glider. Throw out old cereal, clean the bowl and put fresh cereal in. Cereal is not a nutritional requirement for our diet, however, it is a nutritional staple food they can snack on between meals. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Monkey Biscuits: We recommend and sell the Mazuri Growth and Repro biscuits which consist of 25% protein. Monkey Biscuits are not a nutritional requirement for our diet, however, they contain a dental guard and will help keep your sugar glider’s teeth clean and healthy. Our recommendation is ½ to 1 biscuit per glider per day. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Mealworms: The favorite healthy treat of a sugar glider (and they have told us this) is the live giant mealworm. It is a high protein treat and can be given to them on a daily basis – no more than 10-12 medium sized mealies per glider. It is also a great treat to use when bonding with your sugar glider or having fun hand feeding your pet. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Treats: Excellent treats for sugar gliders include yogurt drops, dried fruits such as pineapple and mango, dried vegetables, and more. The Pet Glider store carries all of these treats along with other sugar glider supplies, and you can order them by clicking on their names. Also cutting up fresh fruit such as watermelon and oranges, or sweet potatoes will make your sugar gliders jump for joy. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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