Mystical Morsels Treat

Packaging Options: Non-Insulated


Notice: Mystical Morsels will melt during extreme heat in transit. If this happens, simply clip off small pieces to give to your Suggies. Buy at your own risk!

Mystical Morsels are a super fun bonding treat to use while your Bonding with your fur babies in our Bonding Tent, & using our Bonding Mitt is a great way to get your Sugar Glider to come to you. This is one they are sure to enjoy!

Net Weight: 4 oz/113 g

to really get the bonding experience try our Bonding Bundle 

*** If you would like to prevent the Mystical Morsels from melting during transit, please use the Insulated Packaging option when adding this product to your cart***   


                    ***3 Bags Fit Per Insulated Packaging***

                                  (NOT INCLUDED)

                            ***DOMESTIC ONLY ***     


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