Sleepytime Owl Mobile



This Owl Mobile pulley toy will be an ADORABLE centerpiece to add to your cage! Here we've got an XL owl critter that is fixed on top of an awesome interactive platform station! Underneath the disk you will see several chains with a ton of goodies and charms attached that are sure to make your gliders go gaga! (Those pom pom balls are a unique texture that's super fun to investigate!) Pulleys are fantastic pieces for sugar gliders to exercise their hand-eye coordination (boy do they love to drag those rings around!) and this toy has 4 of those mechanisms! Don’t be surprised if you find a chain leading back into their pouch in the morning - many gliders will carry the loops as far as the chain will allow and then they sneak off to bed with it! Once your gliders discover how to work a pulley chain, every night is going to be a party night for your house! 

* The "pulley" enrichment features at the bottom of this toy are great mechanisms for gliders to learn how to work different moving pieces. You can think of it like the interactive toys we give to children when they're just old enough to start maneuvering different levers and movable parts! Once your babies learn how to pull the chain through the wiffle ball, they're going to be having a blast with it! Suggies absolutely love to grab onto those rings, climb back and forth through the hoops like they're performing in a circus, and tail carry them around the entire cage! Sugar bears sure can be entertaining little cuties

Approximate Dimensions: 5" Width x 25" Height.

This toy is a one-of-a-kind creation by our master Toymaker. If you'd like a similar design made with your favorite colors or a special character topper, be sure to send us a message today! We're always taking new custom requests. We'd be thrilled to help you complete your dream theme!

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