Ring Toy



Ring Toys are an excellent soft perching area for your little sugar bears to relax on! Gliders can enjoy simply laying around on the ring, or they could use it for a swinging, climbing good ole time! The fleece padding also makes these rings a nice landing spot while gliding about the cage throughout the night.

Our fuzzy fluff balls enjoy having something soft and fluffy to cling to! The glider-safe anti-pill fleece used in this toy is the number one fabric used for Sugar Glider cage pieces. Fleece greatly lowers the chance of frayed fabric and/or caught nails.

Our Ring Toy comes with a clip at the top so that it can easily be attached to the top of your cage. It's also machine washable! Low maintenance is always nice. Just take it down, toss it in the washer, then hang to dry. It’s ready to go back up the same day!
* Handmade
* Sugar Glider safe fleece
* Machine Washable
* Approx. Dimensions 9" diameter x 1.5" thick

This TPG toy is handcrafted by our experienced toy maker, which means we can assure you close attention to detail and safety! Every toy here is made entirely from Sugar Glider safe materials that have been tried and tested within the glider community for years.

Disclaimer: Each of our custom handmade toys vary in colors, shape, & sizes. If you prefer a certain color scheme, feel free to let us know of any preferences in the customer comments! We'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Wanting something more customized? Check out our Etsy Shop to see a collection of unique toys (one of a kind items are added every week!) You can also send in custom requests to our Etsy Shop! Connect here with our expert toymaker to see if she can create something special for you! sugarglidertoyland.patternbyetsy.com

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