Live Pee Free!® Potty Pads Urine Odor Eliminator 2X - 16 oz.

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Live Pee Free!® Potty Pad Urine Odor Eliminator contains billions of positive Ions that totally offset the negative ions contained in pet urine. It naturally eliminates odors on contact without enzymes or fragrances.

Liquid Positive Ion™ Odor Technology Cancels Out Negative Ion Odors On Contact

DIRECTIONS: POTTY PAD: Daily, spray Live Pee Free!® Potty Pad Odor Eliminator lightly over the entire potty pad, being careful not to oversaturate the pad. Also spray mats, containers, flooring or any other surfaces that come into contact with pet urine.

DIRECTIONS: POTTY PAD AREA: To eliminate urine odor from the potty pad area. Spray a very light mist high in the air over the entire room until the odor is gone

TIP: Instantly eliminates urine odor upon full contact. Results are easily detected due to no added fragrance.

TIP: For washable potty pads, always spray before putting into the washing machine to keep urine odor out of the washer.

INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Liquid Positive Ion™ Odor Technology, Malic Acid, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Pectin Extract.

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