Rat & Mouse Food - Pelleted Diet

Size: 14 oz


Tasty pelleted food that rats and mice love, without any artificial colors or flavoring added! This vegetarian diet is great for mice and rats of all life stages. 
Contains yucca shidigera extract to reduce odors caused by ammonia. Nutritionally complete, no supplements necessary when feeding this rat/mouse diet. Made in the USA
  • Rats: Adult rats generally consume 16-25 grams of feed per day (approx. 4 to 6 pellets)
  • Mice: Adult mice generally consume 4-5 grams of feed per day (approx. 1 to 2 pellets)
  • Pregnant, Lactating and Juveniles: Feed as necessary.

Supplemental food items (grasses, vegetables, fruits and seeds) may be provided, but should not make up more than 20% of the diet. Diets containing higher amounts of fruits, seeds and other high calorie treats may lead to obesity and other nutritional health disorders.

Store sealed in cool, dry area. Diet is good for 1 year from manufacturing date. Freezing is okay and may extend freshness. Adhering to "Best By" date on package

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