Insectivore Food - Pelleted Diet



Top quality Insectivore Diet is a highly palatable, high moisture pellet blend that can be fed to many different species of insect-eating animals! High-protein, high-fiber diet simulates the nutrients of a wide range of insects that many omnivores and carnivores would consume in the wild. 

Insectivore diet is a great nutrition source for insectivores including include Sugar Gliders, Opossums, Skunks, Tamanduas and insectivorous reptiles such as Anoles, Basilisks, Bearded Dragons, Chameleons, Geckos and Water Dragons. 
This diet is nutritionally complete to replace all or some of the insect component of your pet's diet! Balanced formula is specifically designed for insect-eating animals with no supplementation required. May be fed with fruits, greens, veggies, or other food items that your pet usually consumes. Gut loaded insects may continue to be fed if desired. Contains taurine at levels that meet carnivore recommendations.
Free of any added artificial colors and flavors. No supplements necessary. Made in the USA
  • Feed to insectivores at a rate of at least 50% of their daily dry matter intake. Feed intake will vary based on animal body size and life stage, level of activity and environmental temperature.
  • Transitioning to new diet may be aided by initially soaking the pelleted diet in water (2 parts water:1 part dry diet) to transition animals that are used to soft/moist diets. After 1-2 weeks on soaked diet, move to 1 part water: 1 part dry diet, and 1-2 weeks later, offer dry diet.
  • If diet is moistened, replace food twice daily for freshness
  • This diet may contain excessive iron for species that are susceptible to iron storage disease like hornbills.

Sold in 14oz bag. Store sealed in cool, dry area. Diet is good for 1 year from manufacturing date. Freezing is okay and may extend freshness. Adhering to "Best By" date on package

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