Chinchilla Food - Pelleted Diet

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Smells and tastes so sweet and fresh, your chinchilla won't want to waste a bite! Highly palatable pellet diet made with multiple fiber sources (including timothy hay) and added flaxseed for Omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics for gastrointestinal health. Nutritionally complete food for chinchillas of all life stages! Made in the USA
  • Adult Chinchillas will eat approximately 20 grams (2 tablespoons) of pellets per day and should have an unlimited amount of good quality grass or hay.
  • Juveniles and lactating females should have unlimited pellets per day in addition to grass or hay.

Supplemental vegetables and fruits are not required in the diet, but if offered should be limited to less than 10% of the total diet and treats offered at less than 2% of total diet. Diets containing higher amounts of high calorie items can lead to obesity and may cause nutritional health disorders.

Sold in 32oz (2lb) bag. Store sealed in cool, dry area. Diet is good for 1 year from manufacturing date. Freezing is okay and may extend freshness. Adhering to "Best By" date on package

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