Joeys are baby gliders who are 4 months or younger! A joey is weaned from mom at 2 months old, which means your potential new babies can come home with you once they reach 8 weeks old.

Sugar Gliders are colony animals, so you must purchase 2 or more for the well-being of these animals! Most of our gliders are listed in pairs already, but the joeys have not yet been paired together with friends yet because they are still living with mom and dad. The Pet Glider would be glad to assist you in making an appropriate match! Joeys must be paired with gliders of similar age. If you already have a glider and are looking to purchase a single companion, please call us to discuss your specific needs!

Want specific colored joeys that you don't see available? The Pet Glider will reserve future babies for you until they're born and ready to come home! Just contact us by phone to discuss availability.