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Do you have a "hideaway" feature available in your sugar glider cage? Are you looking to create another place where your suggies can relax and hang out? This playcube is a perfect solution!

Designed as a semi-enclosed area where gliders feel hidden and secure, but also having a big enough opening that the gliders can still see the world around them! This type of product is referred to as a hide out. The closed-off feeling mimics the favorite spot of wild sugar gliders--a tree hollow! A hideaway toy is a must-have feature for any sugar glider habitat.

Our playcube toy is a hand sewn fleece item. You can add some binkies to this cube and your gliders might even fall asleep in here! It's important to provide at least one area where your gliders can escape for some alone time if they choose. Some gliders will prefer to hang out in cozy fleece hides, whereas some gliders might prefer to hang out in a coconut cave or gourd toy that they can also chew on. Check out our lookout log with a custom pouch to combine the best of both worlds!! Especially if you have a larger colony, be sure you include multiple hideaway toys in your cage for your gliders to choose from.

Approximate dimensions: 8.5" Width x 9" Height.

Cleaning Suggestions:
You can clean your gliders' fleece products in the laundry machine with a natural, fragrance-free detergent. When cleaning your fleece items, it is best to wait 3-4 days before or after cleaning any other toys in the cage (or washing the cage itself). Gliders like to have their scent around them and if you remove their scent from everything all at once, this may encourage your gliders to mark their belongings. You can easily avoid over-marking by cleaning different items on a rotation!

Color options are constantly being updated! If you prefer a specific color scheme that is not currently listed, contact us today to request a custom order! We'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

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