Classic Sugar Gliders

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Classic (also known as Standard) colored sugar gliders are gray with a black dorsal stripe. The under belly is usually white. Their coloring is striking and a favorite to many. Also called the "wild type" or "standard", it the most common color of a sugar glider in various shades of grey, black and white. This is the most common phenotype of sugar gliders.

Classic sugar gliders may be recessive carriers of either leucistic, cremeino, platinum or albino alleles. The percentage is based off of the parentage. For example: A classic grey sugar glider with a parent who is cremeino and one who is classic grey, is 100% HET for cremeino. That sugar glider would be a classic colored, 100% HET for cremeino. The parents could also produce either classic or cremeino joeys. Classics can carry multiple color genetics and are an ideal candidate for breeding or for pets.

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Morley & Wendelin

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Baldemar & Partner

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Quintillus & Blueshore

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Zorro & Zythys

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