Caramel Sugar Gliders

Caramels (Petaurus Breviceps Flavidus) are a different sub-species from the Petaurus Breviceps our "standard" Sugar Gliders. They come from Merauke on the island Irian Jaya in Indonesia and were imported to the United States in 2009. They have a light caramel color to a light gray stripe and slightly larger ears to give an overall slightly larger appearance. Some have white hands and white wrists, and their tails are usually fluffy and generally held in a curled position (although they can straighten them as well). They are able to carry small objects with their tails.

All of our caramel gliders at The Pet Glider are 100% pure caramel, meaning that they are not crossed with the other species. Caramels also tend to have a different scent than the regular gliders, they smell slightly sweeter! Caramel sugar gliders should not be crossed with our standard sugar gliders, Petaurus Breviceps. This crossing of species causes the male offspring to be sterile and the female offspring will produce more sterile males. 

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Tombend & Sososhi

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