September 2013 - Trimming Nails and Tasty Treats

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September 2013 - Trimming Nails and Tasty Treats
The Pet Glider University - Nail Trimming and Sugar Gliders
     One of the great joys of having a sugar glider is having them scurry across your shoulders, treating you like a big, human tree as they play and search for treats.  When their nails haven't been trimmed in quite some time, however, play time can be a little bit painful!
We've created a quick video to show how we trim nails here at The Pet Glider, which will hopefully help you on your toenail-taming adventures!  
Spoil your Pouch Potato with Tasty Treats
For those who love to spoil their suggies, The Pet Glider is proud to have the following items in stock:
Mango Treats Pineapple Papaya Treats
These tasty dried treats are a great way to reward your glider!  They are unsulfured, low in fat, and delicious!  You receive 5 ounces of fruity goodness in a resealable bag with either item.
Our Price: 7.95 for either Mango or Pineapple/Papaya Treats.
Color of the Month: Cremeino
Cremeino Sugar Glider:  These beautiful gliders have, as their name suggests, a cream coloration with a darker dorsal stripe.  Like albinos, they have red eyes, but they are generally a darker hue.  Check out several of our great Cremeinos, such as Maya above, by clicking their picture.

Leucistic Sugar Glider - The Pet Glider
Have you ever wanted to put some faces to the names here at The Pet Glider, or wanted to meet your future sugar glider in person?  Would you like a personal training session on nail trimming, bonding, and more?  Well, you're in luck!  As many of you already know, you can make an appointment to visit our Houston, TX location bycontacting us through our website.  We'd love to see you and help you pick out your perfect glider!


And that wraps it up for another issue!  On behalf of all of the staff and suggies here at The Pet Glider, it's been a pleasure, and we hope to hear from you in between now and the next newsletter.

Until next time, glide on!

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