November 2013 - Contest, Gift Certificates, and Cage Mates ahoy!

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November 2013 - Contest, Gift Certificates, and Cage Mates ahoy!
Pet Glider Gift Certificates
Give your loved ones some sugar with The Pet Glider gift certificates!
If you have that special sugar glider addict in your life, but you aren't sure what to get them, then you can pick up a gift certificate for them, available in multiple denominations through our online store.  Just click here, or the image to the right, to get started.  
Stuff Your Stocking with Sweet Cage Mates!
The holiday season is a great time to give sugar gliders as a gift, or to treat yourself to a new furry friend.  While they're certain to brighten up your life, it's also important to consider what's the best for your new glider as well.  
As we've stressed before, sugar gliders are very social animals, and are far happier when they are in groups of at least two. With this in mind, take a look at our selection of Cage Mates!  These are pairs or gliders, usually siblings, who are bonded with each other and ready to come home to you!  We have quite a few new pairs available on our website, and keep in mind that, if you happen to see two or more gliders on our website that you'd like to have, we're more than happy to make the introductions here at our facility.
Fiesta & Siesta Cate Mate Sugar Gliders
Fiesta & Siesta - Females - $549
Kit & Kaboodle - Females - $399
Kit & Kaboodle - Females - $399
Hermes & Conrad  - Males -  $398
Hermes & Conrad - Males - $398
2,000 Likes and Lucky Winners Ahead!
2,000 Like Contest The Pet Glider Facebook
Can you imagine over 2,000 people gathered in one place, all giving you a thumbs up?  

That's what I like to imagine when I see that The Pet Glider Facebook page has received over 2,000 likes!  That's a whole lot of approval there, and we couldn't be more grateful for all of your kind words, good times, and support!

That alone seems like cause enough for celebration, but the fact that it's coming up on the holiday season as well?  We just can't pass this up!

We're hosting a contest on our Facebook page, and we want to know what sugar glider colors light up your life!  Check out our contest post featuring the image above, and leave a comment on that specific Facebook post.  The contest closes on December 10th, and after that date we'll be randomly selecting three commenters to win a combined $225 worth of store credit! ($100 for first, $75 for second, and $50 for third.)  Check the Facebook post to enter, and we can't wait to hear from you!
When looking to get your favorite gliders and goodies home in time for the holidays, while still having the option to pay at your own convenience, Bill Me Later from PayPal is a fantastic option!  Just look for it at checkout, after continuing through to your PayPal account.  For more information on Bill Me Later, click here.
Bill Me Later 
On behalf of all of the staff and suggies here at The Pet Glider, it's been a pleasure, and we hope you have a fantastic, and delicious, holiday!
Until next time, glide on!

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