May 2013 - Deposits, Reservations, and the USDA.

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For all of those who are looking at having asweet sugar glider shipped, we have goodnews!  Thanks to updated information and regulations with United Airlines, we're happy to present new pricing for airfare!
For shipments through United Airlines in the contiguous United States: $149
For all other airlines within the contiguous United States: $239
(Please contact us for shipments outside of the contiguous United States.)
We strive to ship through United Airlines whenever possible, but given various circumstances, such as temperature requirements and connecting flights, we are not always able to do so.  Either way you slice it, however, shipping is now that much more affordable!
If you have any questions about which airline we would use for your location, or any other concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know!
Deposits and Reserving Gliders:  I want that one, and that one...
Did you know that you can reserve a glider for a $100 deposit, which goes towards the total transaction? And that you can pay towards your total over time?
Say whaaat?
Now you do!
If you find that perfect glider that strikes your fancy on the website, you can pay a $100 deposit per glider in order to reserve it,.  As gliders can find their forever homes fairly quickly, a reservation can ensure that you'll be the one spoiling your future furry friend for years to come.  Once we receive a deposit on a particular glider, we'll remove it from the website while we hammer out the details on shipping and a payment schedule.
Speaking of payment putting down a deposit, you have the flexibility to set up a payment plan that's right for you, giving you more time to get your finances and home ready for your sugar gliders!  While you can certainly pay the total all at once, we want to give you options to ensure that, if you want to welcome a glider into your life, we want to help you fulfill your dream!

Please note that the deposit to reserve a sugar glider if non-refundable.  As such, should you ultimately decide not to move forward with purchasing a glider, you would forfeit your deposit.
Featured Gliders of the Month
Steve McQueen - White Face Blonde Beauty!
Our Blonde Beauties special is still going strong!  Chose from a selection of male and female white face blondes for only $199,   If you find two that you like from this category, they're only $350 together!
Our Price: $199
Featured Product of the Month
When sugar gliders and high style meet, the result is the Sugar Sling!  This wearable bonding pouch is available in a variety of colors, and features a mesh screen for maximum glider viewing action!
Our Price: $24
If you've looked at our website (which we hope you have!), you may have noticed that The Pet Glider is "USDA licensed."  This is an important license for any animal breeder to have, and it ensures that certain standards are met for the health and safety of the animals.  Any licensed sugar glider breeder is regularly inspected to ensure that they're taking good care of their animals, that their building is in good shape, and more.
Did you know that the results of USDA inspections can be found online?  While we certainly want everyone to be able to get a happy, healthy sugar glider from us, we definitely understand when circumstances cause you to look locally.  When you do, however, we strongly urge you to research your breeder.  Any breeder with over three breeding females will be required to have a USDA license, and you can research the inspection histories of licensed breeders by clicking here, and hitting the "Inspection Information" tab to see any potential reports.

If you'd like to look us up, for example, simply search "Pet Glider."  (Please note that the there are two entries for The Pet Glider, resulting from a minor organizational name change.)

Konichiwa from Proud Pouch Parents from Japan!
We recently got a lovely set of pictures from our friend in Japan, Yamane, showing off some of our "grandchildren" from sugar gliders that they've adopted in the past.  I can't tell you how proud we our to see our glider kids doing so well!
If you've got a story to share about one of our gliders, and especially if you have any pictures, please don't hesitate to email us at, or to post on our Facebook page!
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That does it for this post, true believers.  It's been a blast, and we hope you'll be in touch in the meantime.
Until next time, glide on!
John D.
Glider Care Specialist
The Pet Glider

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