March 2014 - Bonding Advice and Spring Cleaning!

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March 2014 - Bonding Advice and Spring Cleaning!
How to Put Sugar Gliders in a Bonding PouchBonding pouches are a fantastic way to   spend quality time with your sugar gliders.  These fashionable items, available in a variety of colors and styles, allow you to keep your glider safely and securely with you while you go about your day.  Whether you're studying for the big test or simply relaxing on the sofa watching a movie, your relationship with your sugar glider will benefit greatly from those interactions.
First time sugar glider owners, however, can be a bit apprehensive when it comes to even getting their new friend in one of these pouches at all.  That's where The Pet Glider in to the rescue!  Our new videogives you some quick tips on better bonding so that you, and your sugar gliders, can make the most of your early days together!  Click on the picture above to get started.
Sugar Glider versus The Giant Face
Aside from sounding like an awful (or fantastic) TV original movie, this is what it can be like for your sugar glider in their first few days of bonding with you.  They've made the journey home with you, they're getting used to their new surroundings, and suddenly:


Scary, right?  Always keep in mind how large you are compared to your new friend.  While they've had interactions with The Pet Glider crew before, you're still a new face to them, coupled with new sounds and smells.  As the old song goes, people are strange when you'e a stranger.  Take it slow and steady, and let your sugar glider work their way up towards you.

Cuddle While You Clean!
Luxury High Rise Cage for Sugar GlidersNow that spring has sprung (at least in some parts of the country...) it's a good time to talk about that one popular activity this time of year.  No, not frolicking in fields of fresh flowers while you forget about frozen fingers;  I'm talking about cleaning!
While I'll admit that there are some parts of my house that do only get cleaned once a year (I'm looking at you, area behind the sofa), your sugar glider's cage should be cleaned regularly: roughly once a month depending on the amount of gliders that you have.  Since you wouldn't want your gliders in the cage while you clean it, that's a great time to have them in a bonding pouch with you!  You can keep them snuggled next to you while you tidy up their home, and once it's nice and dry you can reward them with a treat and let them back in their cage.  
While you're in the mood, you can even have your sugar gliders in a bonding pouch with you while you do a little light cleaning of your own home.  Just be sure to avoid noisy or overly active cleaning.  I've found that sugar gliders don't like it when you, say, vacuum the stairs.  

For more information on sugar gliders and cleaning, check out our FAQ.  

Here at The Pet Glider, we've always stressed that no sugar glider should be alone.  It's healthier for them, and it's at least twice as fun for you!  If you're looking for sweet gliders who are already paired together, check out these dynamic duos below!  And don't forget that you can find more sweet Cage Mates on our website!
Vogue & Vera - Female Cage Mate Sugar Gliders
Vogue and Vera are two classic-colored aspiring models who celebrated their out of pouch date on 1/1014.  Check out their headshots! They'd prefer runway modeling, but Vogue thinks they could maybe be tail models.
Price: $399
Job & Elihu - Male Cage Mate Sugar Gliders
This dynamic duo likes to read epic dialogues like the great actors of old. Job, a classic male, and Elihu, a white face blonde male, are up for the part of a superhero team in a off-glideway play.   
Price: $499
Forence and Nightingale - Female Cage Mate Sugar Gliders
These classic female cage mates are a bundle of fun. Florence wants to go to nursing school, and Nightingale wants to become a journalist so she can make a documentary film of Florence's experiences. These lovely ladies are pioneers!
Price: $399
We hope that these sugar glider bonding tips helped, and that you and your extended furry family are enjoying the hopefully warmer weather!  If you've some advice on bonding, keeping your sugar glider cage clean, or anything else, post it up on our Facebook andGoogle+ pages for others to enjoy.  Thanks for sticking with us here at The Pet Glider, and as always...
Until next time, glide on!
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