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Posts from the Pouch - March 2013
Leucistic Female Sugar Glider
"I'm ready for my close-up!"
It's even easier than ever before to welcome a leucistic lad or lass into your life with our recent additions and special pricing!  Leucistic sugar gliders, with lineage, are now $600, and we have a selection of neutered males available to make wonderful pets for only $349!
Click here for our list of Leucistics, or on the lovely Crystal to the left!
What to Expect When You're Expecting (Sugar Gliders)...
You've done your research, and you've made your decision.  You're ready to take that plunge and welcome a sugar glider or three into your life!  Congratulations, dear reader, you're in for a treat!
Before you bring your new furry friends home, however, there are several steps you can take to ensure a smooth transition and a stress-free time with your new gliders.  In this Posts from the Pouch, we'll tackle some of the key questions that many owners have before adopting their first glider.  How do you pick out a glider?  How do you get it home?  And what do you need to have ready?  For the answer to these burning questions, read on...
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mosaic:  Picking your Sugar Glider
So you know that you want a sugar glider, but which one?  There are as many different reasons to fall in love with a glider as there are gliders.  Whether it be the picture, the name, their lineage, or just that certain "je ne sais quoi," there are gliders that just call to you.  But when you're starting your search, here are some points to consider:    

For Pet Owners:

  • Gliders fare much better in groups, so we recommend having at least two.  Our Cage Matessection offers a variety of pairs for great prices, and our Pouch Pals category makes it even easier to pick your own cage mates from our selection.
  • To broaden your color palette, we have also great pricing on neutered males of the more exotic colors, such as Leucistic.
  • When buying a male sugar glider, would you be getting him neutered?  That is a service offered through The Pet Glider by our special vet, Dr. Dan Jordan of Animal Avian Hospital of the Village.  We also offer a number of male gliders with neutering included.  When buying pairs, a neutered male and female pair would be a great option for those that don't want to breed gliders.
For Breeders:
  • The integrity of your gliders is of the utmost importance.  The Pet Glider maintains the most widely used and trusted Pedigree Database available for sugar gliders.  If you're looking for a particular genetic background of glider with a proven pedigree, The Pet Glider will be more than happy to find you a perfect match for your needs, and will test the COI for you!
  • Volume discounts are available for breeders who are looking to kick-start their breeding program.
  • From time to time, The Pet Glider offers specials geared towards breeders, such as our White Knights and Silver Belles.  Keep an eye out on our webpage for other upcoming specials aimed at expanding and strengthening your breeding program.
"I just flew in from Houston, and boy, are my arms tired!"
You've picked out your perfect gliders, and you just can't wait to bring them home. exactly to you get them there?  There are two ways to bring your new babies home.
The Pet Glider has over ten years of experience in safely shipping sugar gliders around the globe.  We use only pet-safe airlines, and every consideration is taken to make sure that the gliders are safely prepared for the journey.  Shipping for a sugar glider is $249 within the contiguous United States, which covers up to four gliders, along with a specially designed crate, a cute travel pouch, and plenty of tasty food for the journey.  An additional fee will apply to shipments outside of the contiguous United States.  The gliders are shipped to a major airport as close to you as possible, and they can be picked up, with proper identification, by the happy new parent!
Based in Houston, Texas, The Pet Glider is delighted to welcome anyone who is able to visit our facility and pick up their gliders in person!  This is also an excellent way to meet several gliders and, with our help, find your perfect match.  Not only does this save you the shipping cost, but we're available to answer any questions you have in person, and can gladly show you the ins-and-outs of nail trimming, bonding, and more!
Featured Glider of the Month
Violetta is a white face blonde, white tip mosaic, meaning that her white tipped tail is actually a mosaic variation and doesn't come from a standard white tip inheritance.  In addition to this, she's also 25% het for leucistic! Bravissimo!
Our Price: $499
Featured Product of the Month
Deluxe Sugar Glider Starter Bundle
This bundle is available for $500, and can be purchased along with your sugar gliders to give you peace of mind that you'll have everything you need, and more!   Click here for more information!
Our Price: $500 Shipped, $400 Picked Up
Making Your Home Glider-Ready!

As your average pet store isn't equipped with the latest in sugar glider supplies, it's important to have everything you need ahead of time so that you're not waiting for items to come in the mail!  Here at The Pet Glider, we recommend new glider owners have at least the following items ready for their new arrivals at home:

All of these items are available in our online store, and we've just introduced bundles aimed at getting you the goodies you need to welcome your glider home in style!
If you have any questions on adoption of gliders, domestic sales and shipping, or care and feeding, please feel free to email Priscilla Price at!
Riddle Me This!
Inquiring minds, such as the Riddler here, want to know:  "What do YOU want to know?"
We're looking to update our FAQ page with new, detailed information, and we'd like you to,
well, frequently ask us your questions!  We welcome you to get in touch with us,either on ourFacebook page or through the Contact Us form, and ask us your burning questions.  While we can't guarantee that we'll get to all of them in the new FAQ ("What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen glider?"), we'll do our best to compile them and cast forth pearls of knowledge.
We look forward to answering your questions, and until next time - Glide on!
John D.
Glider Care Specialist
The Pet Glider

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