June 2014 - How to Spoil your Glider the Wormy Way

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June 2014 - How to Spoil Your Glider the Wormy Way
How to Feed a Sugar Glider Mealworms
How to Feed a Sugar Glider Mealworms
Here at The Pet Glider, we get asked all the time what a sugar glider's favorite treat is.  When we answer that, without a doubt, it's live mealworms, we usually get the reaction, "Ew, gross!" at the thought up picking up a live worm. With that in mind, we wanted to show you a quick tip on how to feed your sugar glider mealworms.  Once you see how happy these treats will make your gliders, you'll see that it's worth it
If live worms just aren't your thing (and we're not judging), click here for our freeze dried worm treats.  
Dinner's On Me...Literally
"Dinner's On Me!" - Sweet Sugar Gliders Eating on a Shoulder
It's hard to pick favorites among so many great sugar gliders.  Dale, our resident Glider Whisperer and Suggie Chef, talks to all of them daily as he feeds them a fresh batch of The Pet Glider diet.  

Still, he does have those gliders with whom he's formed a particularly special bond, and it's a delight watching him spoil them rotten!  This quick video is a great example of not only how much the gliders love our diet, but also how close that human to glider connection can be when approached with the care and love that gliders deserve.
The Boys of Summer are here!
Sugar Glider Male Cage Mates
Add a double dose of fun to your summer with a pair of great male cage mates!
For a limited time, in our Cage Mates section, you can find a number of awesome male cage mates, including gliders along the color spectrum, for a great price!  These pairs start at $249, and neutering is included with all of these fellows.  
For more information about each of these pairs, including the sweet father and son combo of Ben and Jerry, click on through to our Cage Mates section today!
Attention Breeders!  What would you like to see?
For years, The Pet Glider has helped sugar glider breeders, both aspiring hobby breeders and pros alike,  by providing great gliders, match ups, and offering advice with the more complex issues like "COI" and "maximizing your cage potential."  We're hoping to offer something even more exciting for breeders soon with a special section, but we need your help!

If you're a seasoned breeder of sugar gliders, or hope to be some day, what would you like to see on our website that isn't currently there?  What would be most helpful to you?  Just reply to this newsletter with any thoughts or suggestions.  While we may not be able to reply to every message we receive, everything will be read and supremely appreciated!

As summer rears its head, we hope that you and your gliders can stay cool while enjoying everything the season has to offer.  As for myself, I've just got a new grill, and I'm going to see just how much I can use it before the Texas heat claims me.  Enjoy the upcoming holiday, grab yourself a tasty lemonade, give your glider a delicious (trust us!) mealworm, and...
Until next time, glide on!
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Glider Care Specialist
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