July 2014 - Cage Sets, Mosaics, and What's in a Name?

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July 2014 - Cage Sets, Mosaics, and What's in a Name?
4 Piece Sugar Glider Cage Set
One of the best parts about the "lazy-hazy-crazy" days of summer is getting to lounge around in a hammock while enjoying some cool treats.  Why not let your sugar glider do the same with The Pet Glider's 4 Piece Cage Sets!
These cage sets include a sleeping pouch with a drawstring, a rope toy, a hammock, and a cool multi-tiered hanging hideout which will serve as the perfect place to hide those tasty snacks for your gliders!  Click here for more information about these hip cage sets. 
"What's in a Name?" Notes on Naming your New Glider
Sugar Glider Naming Advice
While there are certainly far more important aspects of sugar glider care such as what diet you should feed your glider, what toys to have in the cage, and how to bond with your glider, the name that you give your new friend can be the first step in that long-lasting link between human and animal.  As a quick wander through the Pedigree Program will show, there are an incredibly wide variety of glider names out there from the cute and quirky to the surprisingly formal.  For some, picking that perfect name is a breeze, but for others, such as myself from time to time, it can be quite the challenge.  
That's why I'd like to offer a few of the resources and methodology behind the naming of gliders here at The Pet Glider.  Click here for more!
Just How Many Adjectives CAN You Give a Glider?
Mosaic Sugar Glider Showcase: Ernie & Chloe's Stunning New Joey
It seems like, here at Casa Pet Glider, mosaics just keep getting prettier and more interesting, and it can be a challenge sometimes just to figure out what to call them!  With beautiful marbling, interesting reverse stripes, and piebald spots of every which way, you can end up with quite the mosaic mouthful!

Case in point:  This handsome mosaic male from our proud family of Ernie & Chloe.  Ernie is a "standard" albino, while mom is a fairly minimal mosaic.  And what do we get when we combine the two?  A stunning *deep breath* marbled reverse strip possible-piebald mosaic.  Check out this cool joey here!
It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's...Gliderman?
Wingsuit Flying Over New York City FULL POV
If you've ever wondered what it would be like to put on a sugar glider suit and jump out of plane (and hopefully I'm not the only one...right?), then wonder no more!  YouTube has put together a playlist of humans doing all sorts of wacky stunts in "wingsuits".  This is the closest people can get to feeling what it's like to being a sugar glider without having to eat giant mealworms!  Of course, these fellows in the video are (hopefully) experts, so don't try this with a homemade wingsuit!

Full credit goes to the quite brave creators of each of these videos.

Whether you're spending the summer jumping out of planes in sugar glider suits or relaxing around the house with your best glider bud (hopefully more of the latter), we hope you're having a wonderful time!  Thank you again so much for being a part of the extended Pet Glider, and as always...
Glide on!
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