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White Knights 
Silver Belles!
To kick off the new year, handsome Leucistic males and beautiful Platinum females are available for a special celebratory price!
-Leucistic Males: $600
-Platinum Females: $900
And only $1299 for a pair!
New Year, New Friends!
Happy New Year from everyone at The Pet Glider, and what a year it promises to be!  We want to make 2013 the year that you find that new special friend, so if you've been on the fence about adopting a darling sugar glider, well, hop off that fence and into the pouch!
sugar glider mom and joey

Make your resolution to laugh more, cuddle more, and love more!  We have a number of specials that will make it that much easier for you to adopt a sweet suggie, whether you're new to gliders or want to introduce another friend into your marsupial menagerie.  If you're looking for a light colored glider, the "White Knights and Silver Belles" promotion shown above is a great place to start.  Do you want a classic colored cutie at an amazing price?  Well then, my friend, keep reading...

Pouch Pals
Starting in January, we have a new special category of "Pouch Pals" who just can't wait to meet you.  This category includes both males and females available at a special price, and if you're looking to pick up a pair (or more) of these guys and gals, the deal gets even sweeter!  Click here for more information.

For a limited time, gliders in this category are available for the following price:

Males: $129 (includes neutering)
Females: $149
Each additional glider of the same gender: $100

That's right, if you're looking to add another sugar glider of the same gender as your first selection in this category, it's only $100 more!You can add as many additional gliders as you'd like for this special price.  Neutering is included in the adoption price for the male gliders, and you can read on for more information about male gliders and neuters. (Please note that regular shipping prices still apply for this special.)

Featured Glider of the Month
Einstein is a multi-talented renaissance glider who has both brains and beauty on his side!  For example, did you know that E = MC²?  Einstein did, and we're will to bet that Einstien + You = a lot of laughs and ample cuddling!  Click here for more information on Einstein.
Our Price: $1,300.
Featured Product of the Month
Peace, love and sugar gliders. Let your sugar gliders hang out in a groovy fringed pouch.  This psychedelic pouch comes in a variety of colors.  Please let us know in the comment section if you'd like a specific pattern, and please allow some time for a custom pouch to be made.Click here for more information!
Our Price: $20
New Years Weight Loss Program for Male Sugar Gliders - A Note on Neuters

When choosing a sugar glider as a pet, one of the first and biggest decisions people make regarding their new friend is whether to get a male or female glider.  Opinions and preference vary, with some loving the girls while others think that boys are more affectionate.  While we here at The Pet Glider think both genders are equally awesome, we understand people have their favorites.  For those that are considering a masculine male marsupial as a companion, we recommend neutering.  Boys do have a stronger scent than females, but this goes away with neutering.  In addition, the traditional "bald spot" on a male's forehead will either be greatly reduced or will not develop at all!  This is on top of the generally calmer demeanor found in neutered males.

The procedure is fast, safe, and performed by a local veterinarian with a great deal of experience. Neutering for a single male glider is $49, and $75 for two males.  If you're looking to have more males neutered (and don't worry, we won't tell them who is responsible), please let us know and we'll be happy to make arrangements.

We take our gliders to Dr. Dan Jordan of Animal Avian Hospital of The Village. He is an award-winning exotic veterinarian with years of experience with sugar gliders, and we know he treats our gliders right!  If you're in the Houston area, please check out their website, linked above, for more information.

Come Up and See Us Sometime!
Did you know you can visit the Pet Glider to meet your soon-to-be suggie in person?  Do you have questions about adopting our gliders and want some first hand experience?  Are you nervous about nail trimming and would like a lesson?  Are you visiting the Houston area?  Then come on down!
We'd love to have you, and we're only phone call or message away from scheduling quality time with you.  You're more than welcome to make an appointment with us to see our gliders and fall in love first hand.  Bring your family as well so that you can all pick your new friend for the new year, and years to come!  Just send us an email at Stephanie@thepetglider.com, or give us a call at 713-446-4415 to schedule an appointment.  Appointments are available between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM central, Monday - Saturday (please contact us if you're interested in a time outside of this for possible special arrangements). If you're a social network butterfly, you can also drop us a line at the links below.

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And that wraps it up for this transmission from inside Glider Land.  Thank you so much for joining us on this newsletter, and we wish you and your family, both human and furry, a happy and healthy new year!

John D.
Glider Care Specialist
The Pet Glider

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