Issue #22 - Giving Thanks for Healthy Joeys, Treats, and You!

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Giving Thanks for Healthy Joeys, Treats, And You! - Issue #22

mosaic sugar glider joeyThis is the time of year where, traditionally, we as a whole reflect on what we're thankful for.  Whether it's a roof over our heads, friends and family who love us, or just the little things in life, it all adds up to one big pile of fuzzy good feelings.  That's certainly true here at The Pet Glider as well, and while we're trying not to get *too* sweet (hard to do when working with sugar gliders!) we do want to let you know that among all of the things that we're thankful for, one of them stands out the most: You!                                                            

We're especially thankful on behalf of the great sugar gliders that you've brought home with you.  Each of our gliders grows up in our facility surrounded by a lot of caring folks, and we're always delighted when our gliders find a great home.  They can't tell you with words (we're still working on training them to talk), but they appreciate all that you do.  You keep them warm, safe, and snuggled up, and for that, here's a big thankya!

Don't Let Them Get Stuffed on Stuffing!
We've said it before, and we'll say it again: spoiling your sugar glider is one the best parts of having them!  Of course, as with humans, you still have to spoil responsibly, and the holidays are full of temptations for human and glider alike.  While us humans have a lot more leeway with snacks, a sugar glider has a much stricter diet, and shouldn't be treated with "human food" from the table.  Before you feed them anything outside of their ordinary diet, please carefully research those foods online.  When in doubt, stick to the usual treats, such as those on our Treats section of the online store, or those foods listed in our Fresh Diet.  
Sugar Glider Glossary:  Out of Pouch and Availability Dates
Something that can be confusing for novice sugar glider fans is the phrase "out of pouch date."  While we use that term as a glider birthday of sorts, sugar gliders are technically born many weeks before then.  As sugar gliders are marsupials, they're incredibly tiny when they're first born, and then make their way to their mother's pouch where they'll finish maturing.  After roughly 8-9 weeks in their mother's pouch, they'll be big enough to make their debut to the outside world.  We call this their "out of pouch date," and that's where we really start measuring how old a sugar glider is.
Classic sugar glider joey
Though they're out of the pouch, they're still very much attached to mom, and will cling to her while their fur grows in and their eyes start to open.  We don't consider sugar gliders ready to leave for their human homes until roughly tough months after their out of pouch date.  At this point, they've weaned from their mothers, are eating solid foods, and have learned just about everything there is to know about how to be a sugar glider from their family.  That's what we call their availability date.

While it can be tempting to want them younger than that (they are mighty cute after all!), please understand that they're simply not old enough to leave their family.  We want what is best for the sugar glider, and since sugar glider lifespans can be upwards of ten years, they're still very young when they come home with you!

Checking Up on a Sweet Family!
A Sugar Glider Family Checkup and a New Joey!
A Sugar Glider Family Checkup and a New Joey
Speaking of families gathering together for the holidays...

Here at The Pet Glider, we regularly check on our sugar glider families to make sure they're happy and healthy.  This includes a fresh pouch, nail trimming, and overall inspection.  This also gives us a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to all of our new joeys!  Here's a quick video showcasing the checkup of one family in particular, as well as introducing the world to their new little girl!  And stay tuned to the end for some bonus footage!
Leave Room for Dessert...

That wraps it up for this issue of Posts from The Pouch as we slide headfirst into Thanksgiving and beyond!  Thanks again for supporting The Pet Glider and for being a part of our lives.  We couldn't do it without you, and we know that our gliders thank you as well.  So remember, mind your table manners, save room for dessert, and as always... 

Glide on!

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