February 2014 - A Mosaic Family Portrait and More!

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February 2014 - A Mosaic Family Portrait and More!
The Pet Glider: A Family Portrait of Cute Mosaic Sugar Gliders
We recently had a set of amazing mosaic triplets, courtesy of Kaleidoscope and Kida, and we can't get enough of showing them off!  You can get  Romanov (older brother), Cicero, and Elois on our website. There's more to this family than just some awesome joeys, however...the whole lineage is filled with some impressive sugar gliders, including a couple of stunning piebalds!
With this video, The Pet Glider highlights the lineage of Kaleidoscope and Kida, showing just a portion of the storied history that can be found with every family in the Online Pedigree Program!
Visit The Pet Glider and Save a Bundle on a Bundle!
Recently, we posted a new special, where visitors to The Pet Glider's Houston location can save $30 on either of our two great bundles when they also pick up a new sugar glider friend.  Because we want to meet even more of our neighbors, we're extending that special until March 15th!  
 If you'd like to visit our office in the grand city of Houston, Texas to meet the newest (and possibly furriest) member of your family, contact us to set up an appointment!  While we're not set up as a traditional "walk-in" establishment, we are more than happy to schedule a convenient time for you to welcome you into "glider land" with Southern hospitality.  While you're in the city, check out the other great activities that Houston has to offer.
A Mosaic of...Mosaics!

Mosaic Sugar Gliders
We've recently updated our website with a veritable treasure trove of beautiful mosaics, ranging from pet-priced cuties to full-lineage stunners!  You can view all of our mosaic sugar gliders in this category, and keep in mind that many of them are also available as part of our Pet Pricing Special, which lets you add a friend for a great savings.  Our Pet Pricing category also includes gliders of a wide variety of colors, so be sure to check it out if you're looking to add a splash of color to your colony!
Like a lemming in a limbo contest, this Post from the Pouch squeaked in just under the wire!  Thanks for staying tuned to the goings on here at The Pet Glider, and if you have a topic that you'd like to see covered in a future newsletter/video/smoke signal, please don't hesitate to let us know on our various social media outlets.  We hope you and your sugar gliders had a fantastic February, and here's to a marvelous March!
Until next time, glide on!

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