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Lebowski and Kamaria Quincy and Tamela
White and Silver Sweethearts!
From our White Knights and Silver Belles category, we've paired together lovely gliders that will produce fantastic COIs!
If you're interested in any other pairings, we'd be more than happy to find you the perfect match with a great COI.
Each pair of male leucistics and female platinums is only $1299!
Your glider, you, and sugar gliders lovers around the world!
We're all one community here, sharing a special relationship with the animals that we love.  In this Valentine's Day season, we here at The Pet Glider want to highlight the relationships that make owning a sugar glider a truly one of a kind experience.
Whether it's your relationship with your own furry friends, The Pet Glider, that veterinarian who makes sure your little ones are safe and sound, or the sugar glider community at large, it's all important, and we want to celebrate it!Promotion Title
Your first meeting with your new friends...
Given their amazing ability to bond with their owners, the relationship between a glider and their human caretaker is a special one, one that has to be experienced to be truly understood.  From that first time they take a treat from your hands to the hours they'll spend relaxing with you in your pocket, every moment is special, and it starts with that first meeting.
That first encounter with your new gliders can be a bit intimidating, however, so here's a little tip to turn that first introduction into a lasting friendship:
When you first bring a glider into your home, it is important to let them rest for 24 to 48 hours prior to intensive interaction.  They may very well be stressed out from their travel and separation from their family, and this is a good time for them to get acclimated to the sights, sounds, and smells of their new home.
This does not mean, however, that they should be ignored completely during this time.

While you don't want to over-stimulate them during this period through prolonged visits, their cage should be in an active portion of the home so that they can become used to their surroundings.  If you have an old shirt or other article of clothing, try tearing off a portion of it and placing it in their cage so that they can become familiar with your scent.  For animals with such small noses, smell is a huge portion of their life, and if you smell familiar to them, they're more likely to be calm around you.
You can find more about bonding in our Glider FAQ.
A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!
As an exotic animal, sugar gliders are amazing little critters who continually surprise us.  They can also be confusing for some veterinarians, however, who don't have experience with them.  It's important that you locate a veterinarian who knows how to properly treat and care for your gliders.  But where to start?
At SugarGliderHelp.com, there is a database available of veterinarians with sugar glider experience, which can be found by clicking here.  If you don't see a vet in your area, try calling your local vets and talking with them about sugar gliders.  They may be up to the task of learning how to treat gliders, and SugarGliderHelp.com also has a list of veterinarians who will offer phone consultations to others vets who may have questions about treatment.
Featured Glider of the Month
Micah - White Mosaic Male
Micah is a stunning white mosaic male with a gorgeous, snowy coat.  What really sets him apart is his one speckled ear, with the other ear being completely free of markings! Click here for more information on Micah.
Our Price: $2,500.
Featured Product of the Month
Written by Peggy Brewer, one of the leading voices in the sugar glider community, this is a fantastic and informative book, great for new owners or anyone looking to learn more about this amazing animal. .Click here for more information!
Our Price: $17
You like us!  You really (really) like us!
Since launching our Facebook page in late May of 2012, we've been impressed by the support we've received from all of you!  Our page has grown quite a bit since then, and we're fast approaching the 1,000 "likes" threshold.  This is a pretty big milestone for us, and we couldn't have done it without you.  So, in celebration of our special relationship with all of you, whether you've adopted a glider from us or just enjoy the adorable pictures, we'll be holding a special contest once we hit that milestone.
I wonder what one of the prizes will be...
Share your sugar addiction with the world!
Are you bursting at the seams with love for your little suggie star?  Don't hold it in...let the whole world know!  In addition to our Facebook page and website, there are sugar glider forums and communities available throughout the internet that allow you to network with other glider owners to swap tips, stories, and adorable pictures.  These can serve as great places for advice on particular situations, or to meet with other owners that may be in your area.

On of the most popular forums online for glider lovers is GliderCentral.net (found by clicking on the name), where you can find categories ranging from Health and Hygiene, Bonding and Relations, and more!  If you register there, give the folks there a big "Howdy" from the crew here at The Pet Glider.

Go forth and cuddle!
, and feel free to email us at Stephanie@thepetglider.com if you'd like to share your story as well.
We hope you have a fantastic Valentine's Day and beyond, and until next time, glide on!
John D.
Glider Care Specialist
The Pet Glider

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