Diet (insects for sugar gliders)

Sugar Gliders are omnivores and can eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, and egg or turkey for protein. They get their names from their love of sweet foods such as drinking nectar and tree saps. Gliders are very active with a high metabolism and require a well balanced diet. Which is why in captivity, gliders will get fat if given too much sugary foods.

Did you know that you can feed insects to your gliders for an added boost of protein? It’s their main source of food in the wild! They’ll eat bugs during “breeding season” and will eat tree saps/nectar until bug breeding season begins again.

Below is a list of a few safe insects to feed your gliders:

Dubia Roaches - Good amount of protein and less fat (the best overall nutritional value for gliders)

Crickets - Feed with caution as they are known to have aflatoxin (more below)

Waxworms - Very high in fat and protein

Superworms - Higher in fat than mealworms. Feed with caution since they have teeth and can bite the inside of your gliders

Mealworms - High in fat. This is what we feed our gliders, they are easiest to obtain and a favorite for many!

Freeze dried/dehydrated bugs lack in nutritional value. While you can feed it to your gliders, most will prefer the live ones.

Gliders won’t eat bugs? It’s normal if your glider has never been exposed to an insect before. They’ll be unsure on what to do and most likely won’t eat it. Sugar gliders learn from behavior, normally it’s from their parents or an older glider. If you would like to get your glider interested in eating bugs, you’ll need to either blend it up with their regular food or open one up to allow them to smell it first.

Aflatoxin is mold that grows in corn/corn cob/corn meal products. It is mostly bedding used for insects, especially crickets. The crickets will consume the corn and the mold is bind to their DNA, it is lethal for gliders to consume crickets that have aflatoxin. This is why you need to purchase your insects from a farm that doesn’t use corn bedding.

Remember, feeding your gliders insects is more of a treat than a main meal, it is a good source of protein, but feed in moderation. Do NOT any feed wild insects that may be contaminated with pesticides. Purchase your bugs from a reputable place.

Do you feed your fur babies insects?


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