December 2013 - Season's Treatings and Holiday Tips!

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December 2013 - Season's Treatings and Holiday Tips!
Happy holidays and "Season's Treatings" from  The Pet Glider!
The holidays are a perfect occasion to spend quality time with those you love, both human and sugar glider alike!  With that in mind, we'd like to present several tips to help you make the most of your holiday season, and a way or two to spoil your glider.
The Gift of Companionship
The holidays are a great time for friends and family to gather together to celebrate each other, and this can be a great time to celebrate your pets as well.  After all, we rarely see them as just "pets," and your sugar gliders are often a large part of what makes the family special, and certainly unique!  
For sugar gliders, because of their ability to bond with you, you're considered one of their family as well (albeit a particularly large one).  No matter how much time you're able to spend with them, however, gliders truly thrive in the presence of another glider.  They can can groom each other, cuddle, and play all night long while you may be busy with that pesky "sleep" thing.  So, if you happen to have a single glider in your home, offer them the gift of companionship!
Here are just a few of our gliders available on our website who can't wait to join your family.  If you don't see exactly what you'd like on there, just contact us, and we'll help you find a perfect match from the gliders that aren't yet listed on the site.
Hazel - Female Sugar Glider - $199
Hazel - Female - $199
Monica - Female Sugar Glider - $199
Monica - Female - $199
Digby  - Leucistic Male -  $399
Digby - Male - $399
 When introducing your new friend to your established buddy, keep in mind that it isn't as simple as putting him or her into your cage.  After all, you just let a stranger into your glider's home!  They're going to look strange, smell weird, and it's going to take a little bit for them to get used to each other.  Keep it slow and steady, and ideally, have a small cage handy so that you can have them next to each other while they get adjusted.  As always, if you have any questions about the process, please contact us!
If you're looking to welcome a sugar glider home for the first time, here are some already paired cuties who would make fantastic pets!
Prim & Proper - Male and Female Cage Mate Sugar Gliders$599
Prim & Proper - $599
Apple & Dandy - Male and Female Cage Mate Sugar Gliders - $499
Apple & Dandy - $499
Tea & Biscuit - Male & Female Cage Mate Sugar Gliders - $499
Tea & Biscuit - $499
Tasty Treats and the Holiday Pounds

Next to having your loved ones together, one of my personal favorite things about the holidays is the treats!

During this time of the year, there are going to be all sorts of tasty goodies being passed around, and the temptation to sneak one to your glider can be a strong one.  Keep in mind that, much like with humans, we have foods that are bad for us, and foods that, while great in moderation, can be taken to the extreme and lead to a rather puffy situation!

So when you're looking for a way to spoil your sugar glider this season, remember that chocolate, nuts, seeds, and several other holiday staples are best left for humans.  Check out our diet page for more information about the safe treats, and our gliders here want to remind you that Yogurt Treats are always appreciated!

An Update on Airfare
Starting on January 1st, 2014, shipping rates through United Airlines and Delta Airlines will be $199 for domestic flights within the continental United States.  This means that if you contact us about your favorite gliders and settle their airfare by December 31, 2013, you'll be able to lock in the old rate of $189 for those flights.
We're coming up on the last shipping date of the year on December 30, rounding out a fantastic 2013.  For those looks to bring home a sweet sugar glider to ring in the New Year, the first airfare opportunity is January 3, 2014.  Curious if we ship to your city?  Contact us and we'll be let you know just how you can have your sugar glider shipped to an airport near you!
If you're a local customer from Houston, San Antonio, and Austin (and parts beyond), there is still time to make an appointment to pick up your glider in person.  And if not, but you'd still like something under that tree, The Pet Glider will be happy to create a certificate for the sugar glider in question, complete with a cute picture, to wrap up for your loved one!  
The Pet Glider Gift Certificates
And if you want to give that special someone the opportunity to pick out their own future friend, gift certificates are available as well, and would look great wrapped under that ol' tannenbaum.
As a reminder for those looking for a last minute Christmas gift, or a way to start the New Year in sugar glider style, Bill Me Later from PayPal is a fantastic option!  Just look for it at checkout, after continuing through to your PayPal account.  For more information on Bill Me Later, click here.
Bill Me Later 
On behalf of all of the staff and suggies here at The Pet Glider, it's been a pleasure, and, to use the old joke, we'll see you in a year!
Until next time, glide on!

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