Bonding (Part 1) - Gliders & Humans

Sugar Gliders that are bonded to their humans are loyal for life. It is the ultimate trust between you and your glider. They’ll come when called, they’ll follow you around, and will sometimes offer you gifts. This is one of the many reasons why Sugar Gliders make popular companions.

Here are some basics to start off with for new owners, and veterans too!

-Gliders need to settle down in their new home for a few days

-All gliders are different, so bonding process will vary

-There is no difference between younger vs older when it comes to bonding

-Treats are the fastest way to their heart

-Mornings & Afternoons are the best time to bond

-They are empathic animals, they can tell if you’re nervous, so stay calm at all times

-And lastly… PATIENCE

It is very important that you let your gliders settle down for a few days when you get them home. They have just left their homes, and are suddenly in a new environment. It is a stressful time for them. To make this process easier for them, don’t directly handle them. You can talk to them in calm and soothing voice, feed them treats through the bars at night, and watch them while they explore their cage. 4-5 days is recommended before direct handling.

Mornings and Afternoons: When your gliders are settled and comfortable in their new home, you can start carrying them in a bonding pouch. It is a pouch with a screen view and a zipper. This is the safest way to transport your gliders anywhere, and a great way for them to quickly learn your scent and voice. You can also hand feed them treats this way!

Late Afternoon & Evenings: The Pet Glider recommends you use a tent if you’re trying to bond in the late afternoon/evenings. You’ll need a tent, a few toys, some treats, you and your gliders. You’ll want to scatter the toys all over the floor and have your gliders (inside their sleeping pouch) on the floor as well. You’ll then sit down and wait for them to come out. Soon you’ll have your gliders exploring the place, running up to you and playing with all the toys. Remember to never chase them. Have them come to you.

Younger vs Older: There is no real difference when it comes to bonding. All sugar gliders have their own personalities, so some will bond with you faster than others. It really depends on how much effort you put into the bonding process. You cannot rush the bonding process. Your glider has to trust you first, that is the most important part.


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