August 2013 - Special Pricing on Colorful Companions

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August 2013 - Special Pricing on Colorful Companions
Here at The Pet Glider, we've been offering a variety of sugar gliders of several colors at special prices with the pet owner in mind for some time.   Those gliders have been a bit spread out over the site, however, and it could be a little difficult to find that perfect, colorful suggie as a family friend. 

Starting now, we're going to have all of our pet-priced sugar gliders of a variety of colors in one convenient category, Pet Pricing Specials.  We've also expanded our variety of wonderful males and females in that category to include more leucistics and, for the first time, platinum sugar gliders!  

So if you're looking to expand your furry family into colors beyond classic, this is your lucky day!   And since we feel that no glider should be left alone, read on for a special offer to grow your family even more...

A Pal in Every Pouch!
When selecting any sugar glider from our Pet Pricing specials, not only is neutering included for the males, but you can also add any additional glider from our Pouch Pals category for only $129 more!
Pouch Pal Sugar Gliders 
This way, you can easily provide the companionship that sugar gliders need, and we'll take care of introducing them to each other.  If you're interested in taking advantage of this offer, just contact us and let us know.  And if you don't see a Pouch Pal that strikes your fancy just yet, we have others available that are not on the website that will win your heart!
Color of the Month: Platinum
Platinum Sugar GliderPlatinum sugar gliders, which feature lighter, silvery coloring with faint markings, are pretty unique.  As a group, most platinums are 100% het for leucistic, and when you pair a platinum with a leucistic glider, you'll only get platinum and leucistic joeys!  To show off this amazing color with some platinums that are perfect for your breeding program, here are some of the newer additions to this category.


That does it for another Post from the Pouch, and thank you all so much for staying tuned in to the goings on at The Pet Glider!  We'd love to hear from all of you, so don't forget to visit our homepage as well as our Facebook page for the latest news and information.  If there's anything you'd like to see in a newsletter or on our site, don't hesitate to drop us a line.
Until next time, glide on!

John D.
Glider Care Specialist
The Pet Glider

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