April 2014 - True Platinum Mosaics and Sweet Retirees

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April 2014 - True Platinum Mosaics and Sweet Retirees
True Platinum Mosaic Sugar Gliders
In addition to our collection of wonderful sugar glider colors that you can find on our website, the gurus at The Pet Glider are on the forefront when it comes to breeding for new color variations.  Recent colors such as "Ruby Leu" and "Cremeino Mosaic" show that the future for sugar gliders is as colorful as it is bright.  "True Platinum Mosaics" are one of the newer variations, and how cool is it, then, that we have a proud family that has had two of them! 
What's so "true" about a True Platinum Mosaic?  Well, I'm glad I, and theoretically you, asked!  Whereas other mosaics can potentially have platinum coloration, they're not "platinums" in the true genetic sense.  True Platinum Mosaics, however, have one parent that is platinum and the other is a mosaic who is 100% het for platinum, meaning that these fellows pictured here are platinum in the truest sense of the word while also having great mosaic coloration.  For more information about bringing these cool brothers home, simply scroll down...


True Platinums are Truly Amazing!
 While both of these brothers are technically "TPM"s, they're incredibly different from each other.  We've checked their paperwork, however, and they're indeed related.  Read on for a little bit about each of these cool gliders.
Calvin - True Platinum Mosaic Sugar Glider
Calvin is an impressive true platinum mosaic fellow, whose ringtail and white hands/feet set him apart from a "regular" platinum.  He's also quite the deep thinking, and he's ready to add his wit, wisdom, and impressive genetics to your family!
Hobbes - True Platinum Mosaic Sugar Glider
Hobbes is a mighty impressive true platinum mosaic, with an adorably, and uniquely, speckled ear and incredibly light coloring.  He's also a white face blonde to boot!  This sensational sugar glider has a lot to offer, and he can't wait to meet you.
Old Friends are New Again: Rockin' Retirees
Rockin Retiree Sugar Gliders
Though it's been live for a while now, we're still very fond of our Rockin' Retiree category.  It's our chance to give something back to these wonderful sugar gliders that have been our friends for years, and have graced us with many a sweet joey
The Pet Glider has recently updated our listed of groovin' suggie seniors with a new batch looking for a loving forever home.  Check our our Rockin' Retiree category page for an up to date list of all of our sweet older sugar gliders.  If you have any questions about any of these gliders, please don't hesitate to ask!


Some Pun Involving Bananas
Banana Bites treats for sugar gliders
Try the new Banana Bites!

Looking for a head start to a more delicious bonding time?  Well, if you're picking up a pair of sweet sugar gliders from The Pet Glider's Houston location, you're in luck!  From now until May 15, 2014, purchasing two sugar gliders at our Houston location nets you three free treats of your choice (subject to availability).  Just while you're visiting us to get your groovy goodies!


Whether you're looking for the latest sugar glider color trends or to welcome home sweet older families, The Pet Glider is here for you!  Thank you so much for being part of our extended family, and we can't wait to hear from all of you on our various social media outlets.  As usual...
Until next time, glide on!
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John D.
Glider Care Specialist
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