April 2013 - Spring Cleaning and Playing With Your Food

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Posts from the Pouch - April 2013
"Blonde and lovin' it!"
Whether it's their bright cheeks or bright personalities, white face blonde sugar gliders have a way of winning our hearts.  Now it's even easier for your to welcome a white face blonde glider into your home with our new special, Blonde Beauties!
We have a selection of female and neutered male white face blonde sugar gliders available for $199.
You can also combine any two from that selection for only $350!
Spring Cleaning!
One of the key factors to a sugar glider's health is a clean environment.  As they are generally not carriers of disease, and are not at risk from many of the influences you would find in the wild, their environment in your home is a particularly important factor in your glider's health.
There are three parts to keeping their home clean:  their litter, their accessories, and the cage itself.  The litter should be cleaned daily, or at least every other day, depending on what you are using.  Common litter materials include newspaper, recycled paper pellets, or special sheets designed for such a purpose.  Do not use cedar or pine as they can cause respiratory problems.  Regular litter replacement reduces odor and leads to healthier gliders.

Glider accessories, such as toys (bird safe or child safe), cloth
fleece pouches, water bottles, etc., should be cleaned weekly.  Plenty of hot water is recommended (soap is fine if rinsed well), and avoid any cleaning agents that are toxic or have a strong odor.  As gliders rely heavily on their sense of smell, you don't want to irritate them with a strong, unfamiliar odor.

Their cage itself should be cleaned roughly once a month, depending on the number of gliders you have.  While the cage is being cleaned, you can move your gliders, in their sleeping pouch, to a small travel cage to keep them safe from other family animals.  Vinegar and hot water is a non-toxic cleaning solution that will help clean your cages safely.  If you have access to a pressure washer, that can also be used.

Featured Gliders of the Month
Marcos and Tomas - Sweet Classic Colored Sugar Glider Cage Mates!
Marcos and Tomas - Sweet Classic Colored Sugar Glider Cage Mates!
Marcos and Tomas are two classic colored cage mates that were so sweet, we had to make a video about them!  Click above to check them out in action, and click below to find out how to bring these handsome fellows home!
Our Price: $398
Featured Product of the Month
Designed specifically to maintain and improve sugar glider health and immune system.  The Pet Glider Complete Multi-Vitamin is used in conjunction with The Pet Glider Fresh Diet for happy, healthy sugar glider!
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The Positives of Playing With Your Food
In the wild, sugar gliders will often scavenge for food, searching high and low for tasty morsels and insects.  Our pet sugar gliders can benefit from this activity as well, and such scavenging "enrichment" activities can be great fun for both you and your glider!
A sugar glider enjoying a worm
In addition to their standard, readily available meals, consider hiding little treats around various parts of the cage.  Perhaps in a toy where they have to work a little to get it, or hidden under some fleece blankets on a cloth hammock.  Not only are you still spoiling your gliders, but you're keeping their minds sharp and fighting off boredom!  For an extra-fun bonding time, hide a meal worm in your shirt pocket.  It's quality time with you and a rewarding experience that they'll look forward to!
Posts from Proud Pouch Parents
As we've mentioned before, we always love hearing from proud parents after they welcome their sweet suggies into their home.  After all, the bonds that we form with our gliders don't fade with distance!  That's why I'd like to highlight one excellent couple, Victoria and Jared, who were an absolute pleasure to work with as they invited Bishop into their family to join their glider Bailey.
"We are absolutely in love with him. He is so calm & VERY tame. The second we took him out of the box and put him in the cage he came out and tried to play ! He is such a good boy :) He has not crabbed since he was in the box and he gives kisses already. He does not bite and hes very sweet and cuddly. I will send alot more pictures today. Thank you guys for everything."
If you've got a story to share about one of our gliders, and especially if you have any pictures, please don't hesitate to email us at Stephanie@thepetglider.com, or to post on our Facebook page!
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Until next time, Suganauts, glide on!
John D.
Glider Care Specialist
The Pet Glider

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