All About Toys!

Sugar Gliders are very smart marsupials that thrive when their brains are stimulated. Whether it’s bonding with you or playing with toys, these devious furballs are always looking for something fun to play with.

The Pet Glider (website & in store) carries many toys that are safe and fun for your gliders. Such as..

-Cork (makes your cage look “natural”)

-Plastic (some gliders are able to carry small plastic toys with their tails)

-Fleece (there are many fleece cage sets that compliment your cage)

-Eucalyptus (gliders love the smell)

-Wheel (a favorite for all gliders! This is a must!!)

All Sugar Gliders are different, some might prefer one set of toys, others might just prefer to run in their wheel. The key is to give them a variety to see what they like! Switching toys around often is a great way to keep them entertained!

Psst, placing all of these toys in a tent and sitting with them is a blast!!

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