4 Months & Older

It is a known fact that baby Sugar Gliders are just the cutest thing ever! Gliders themselves aren’t that big, only the size of your palm, but when you have a miniature glider, it’s hard to resist!

Today will be all about the older gliders, and why they’re so great! When I say older, I mean any glider older than 4 months old.

  • They have been around humans for much longer, so they are already used to human sounds and touch. This will make the bonding process a bit easier since they are used to human contact, but all gliders are different.
  • Most of them will adjust to change pretty fast, they are less nervous when coming into their new home. Compared to a younger glider, you are removing them from their families.
  • Some babies personalities will change when they get older. But gliders who are 4 months or older, the personality you see now is what you get.

  • I heard that it’s better to get younger ones so they bond better with you.
  • That is false. There is no difference when it comes to bonding on young vs older. It all depends on your glider and the amount of effort you put into it.
  • But I have older gliders and they are so mean!
  • Well, consider their background also. When you take in older gliders, where did they come from & their previous living condition. Were they kept in bad condition? Which # owner are you? You will need to earn their trust first.

I have 4 gliders myself. I’ve had 2 when they were 2 months old, and my older ones I acquired this year. The older ones are 13 years old and 9 years old. My 13 year old is the sweetest in the world and loves to just sit around and eat worms all day. My 9 year old is cranky and doesn’t like me messing with her cage, but she has never bitten me, only crabbed. I can pick her up and she’ll hang out with be, but she just doesn’t like me to mess with her cage.

Was it hard to bond with them compared to my babies? Not at all. It was a learning process, sure, we all had to figure out what they found was ok and what wasn’t. It’s all about respecting their ways and giving them time to adjust.

I had no plans to adopt more gliders, but once I did, I never regretted it. They are wonderful and so funny!

While babies are super cute, don’t pass up on older gliders, they want to be loved also! They’ll make you laugh and cry, but you’ll never once regret it!

Do you have a pair of older gliders?


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