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Recent blog posts

As a Houston sugar glider breeder, we’re always excited to meet new friends from The Lone Star State and neighboring areas. So if you’re a glider lover, or would like to learn more about these adorable creatures, come on over to The Pet Glider to get some expert advice and tips on how to take care of and enjoy your companion to the fullest.

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There’s no surprise that the list of glider lovers just keeps on growing. These exotic animals are in the same family as kangaroos and koalas, and their furry faces, sweet disposition, and endless antics combine to make truly loveable pint-sized pets. As an owner, you would want to be with them for as many hours in the day as you can, but of course, necessary work tasks and personal affairs will sometimes take you away. These might be unavoidable, but sugar glider cages for sale present many bonding opportunities that will get you closer with your companion even when you’re out doing other things.

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Having pets has been proven to have many positive effects on people, especially for children. They learn to take care of another creature’s needs, have a constant companion they can have fun with, and some studies have even show an immune system boost from being around animals. At The Pet Glider, we get a lot of queries if sugar gliders would make great furry buddies for kids, but it’s not just a simple answer. These adorable creatures can make wonderful pet for responsible children. A sugar glider’s size, however, also makes sugar glider accessories necessary and important in keeping them safe and happy.

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Native to Australia and family member of kangaroos and koalas, sugar gliders are steadily becoming popular exotic animals around the world. Their sweet temperament and loyalty to their human family make them wonderful pets, and more and more people are discovering the delight of welcoming these adorable animals to their homes. If you’re interested in sugar gliders for sale in Austin, TX, you’re in luck! The Pet Glider has its home in Houston, which means that you don’t have to go so far to find a licensed breeder where you can get healthy gliders and the things you need to keep them happy and safe.

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Houston, Texas (November 13, 2014) – As valued members of your family, sugar gliders should always be taken care of in the best way you can. Luckily, Texas-based The Pet Glider offers wonderful specials sugar gliders for sale in San Antonio, as well as the various supplies you’ll need to keep these loveable creatures healthy and safe.

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Houston, Texas (November 13, 2014) – As many glider lovers know, some of the best things about having a sugar glider in your home are their endless acrobatics and antics that make for delightful entertainment for everyone. These wonderful animals are full of energy, so they need sugar glider supplies and equipment in their cages to provide them with fun and safe ways to exercise.

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At The Pet Glider, our many years of experience in hand-raising, breeding, and caring for sugar gliders have taught us a lot about what makes these furry charmers happy. For one, their nocturnal body clocks mean that they sleep during the day and become fully awake during nighttime. Being alert for hours with no one else around can be a sad experience for anyone, and we wouldn’t want our sugar gliders for sale in San Antonio to be lonely once their human families turn in for the evening.

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Sugar gliders may just be starting to make their mark in the pet world, but they are quickly gaining popularity as a uniquely enjoyable option for those looking to add a different kind of companion animal to their lives. As pioneers in the field, we at The Pet Glider have been hand-raising, breeding, and caring for sugar gliders for over a decade now, and have shipped them safely all around the world for responsible owners to enjoy. In line with our commitment to supporting glider owners, we offer safe sugar glider accessories such as our newest four-piece cage sets to make caring and bonding with your people-friendly joeys more fun and safe for everyone.

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Every sugar glider owner knows how fun it is to watch their furry friends look for food and treats hidden around their cages. Hiding food items and nutritious treats greatly benefits the adorable animals as this develops their scavenging skills and familiarizes them with a variety of healthy edible items. Here at The Pet Glider, we can help you take this cute activity to a whole new level and make pet feeding time more fun and exciting. Using our variety of first-class sugar glider supplies, you can turn your room into a safe environment where your pets can experience what it’s like to live in the great outdoors.

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Responsible breeders and owners of sugar gliders know that there are several factors that determine whether a particular cage is the perfect habitat for their cuddly pets. For one thing, cage coating must be correct to avoid paint from peeling off easily and contaminate the food that sugar gliders eat. Here at The Pet Glider, we recognize that not every pet owner has the time to come to pet shops and assess prospective cages for their pets. That is why we’ve already made sure that all of our available sugar glider cages for sale meet the highest standards for housing your furry friends.

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Houston, Texas (October 9, 2014) – Compared to common household pets such as dogs, cats, and birds, sugar gliders are a relatively recent addition to the pet realm. However, this has not stopped gliders from stealing the hearts of starting and veteran owners alike with their loyalty, sweet disposition, and playfulness. With the right combination of care and understanding, a Houston sugar glider can be a wonderful new member of the family.

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Houston, Texas (October 10, 2014) — There’s a newcomer to the pet world, and it’s a pocket-sized charmer. Considered exotic animals, sugar gliders belong to the same family as koala bears and kangaroos, and are native to Indonesia and Australia. Despite their unusual origins, people who want to experience the unique joys of having these small furry creatures as pets can now do so by purchasing sugar gliders for sale from Austin, TX breeders such as the Houston-based The Pet Glider.

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Here at The Pet Glider, we have a strong commitment to ensuring that our sugar gliders have only the best nutrition available.  That commitment extends to your gliders as well, whether or not they were raised here.  In addition to our Pet Glider Fresh Diet (aka The Priscilla Price Diet), our recommended nutritional plan includes the cereal and monkey biscuits that we have both used in-house and offered on our website as part of our Nutritional Packages.  These have served as a fantastic complement to our homemade recipe, and have nurtured many generations of happy, healthy sugar gliders.  Never one to rest on our laurels, however, we are always on the lookout to improvements that can be made to our overall nutritional package.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the introduction of our new Wholesome Balance Chicken and Rice cereal, which will replace our existing cereal not only as part of our nutritional packages and single cereal items, but will also become our new standard for The Pet Glider’s own sugar gliders.  It is free of soybean meal and soybean oil, chocked full of healthy chicken and brown rice, and loaded with many other ingredients that are specifically designed to meet your sugar glider’s needs and please their taste buds. Thanks to your continued support over the years, we’ve been able to become a distributor for this particular cereal blend, and we know that your own sugar gliders will love this tasty, and nutritious, cereal.  It will be available in the same size and price as our previous cereal, and we will be offering larger supplies as well for those with larger colonies.

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Houston, Texas (August 29, 2014) – The Pet Glider, an internationally renowned pet store exclusively offering sugar gliders for sale in San Antonio, extended their “buy one, take one for a discount” promo until October 31.

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Houston, Texas (August 29, 2014) – The Pet Glider, a U.S. Department of Agriculture-licensed breeder of sugar gliders based in Houston, is happy to announce their recent offering of bundled sugar glider cages for sale. Nestled nicely between the existing Basic and Deluxe bundles, the new Basic Plus bundles combines the great value of the essential sugar supplies from the Basic Bundle with the upgraded and convenient luxury cage from the Deluxe Bundle. This comes as a welcome news as many sugar glider owners are always on a lookout for ways to keep their cuddly friends comfortable.

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Houston, Texas (August 29, 2014) – The Pet Glider, a known sugar glider accessories store operating from the State of Texas, is proud to present its newly designed cage sets that give sugar gliders more room for breeding and creating comfortable habitats. The new four-piece cage sets are specially designed to give the cuddly pets a wide variety of luxurious lounging opportunities. As a U.S. Department of Agriculture-licensed breeder of sugar gliders, the company is proud to offer their new cage set to pet owners to fully address the need for better living spaces for sugar gliders.

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Not knowing what to feed their cute little suggies is a common problem that many new sugar glider owners encounter. The sugar glider owner community is relatively new, and as with most young communities, information about what best to feed gliders is usually varied and conflicting. This is why, we at The Pet Glider recommend that owners follow The Pet Glider Nutrition System and use our healthy sugar glider supplies.

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Texas is often called “The Lone Star State”; however, we at The Pet Glider would never the wish the fate of the state flag’s star on any of our fun-loving, friendly, and sociable stars—our sugar gliders. That is why, until October 31, buying a sugar glider in Houston at our brick-and-mortar store will give you the opportunity to take a second one home for just $99 more.

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Looking for sugar gliders for sale in Austin, TX? Get one at full price and another at a discount in our Houston location. Promo runs August 20-October 31.

Texas may be known as the Lone Star State, but your sugar glider doesn’t have to be alone. As the popular saying goes, two heads are better than one. Mention this offer in order to qualify, and take this opportunity to get sugar gliders for sale in Austin, TX at a friendly price!

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Here at The Pet Glider, we’re dedicated to providing our sugar gliders with the best care possible. It should come as no surprise, then, that glider health is high on our list of priorities. Since the beginning, we’ve advocated feeding gliders nothing but fresh fruit and vegetables and plenty of protein. This led to our development of The Pet Glider Nutrition System, which is based around The Pet Glider Fresh Diet, and of healthy treats, nutritional packages, and other sugar glider supplies owners can obtain from us.

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