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Recent blog posts

“A sugar glider by any other name would be as sweet…”

-Probably not William Shakespeare


Chances are good that, if you’ve brought home a sugar glider from The Pet Glider, that little bundle of furry joy had a name.  As the primary person in charge of showcasing our gliders on the website, most of those names are picked by yours truly, the author.  Oddly enough, that process can be a surprisingly time-consuming one, and often the most difficult part of actually presenting a glider to the world at large. The methods can include researching lists of baby names around the world, plays on the parents names or physical traits, gut feelings (“This one looks like Erasmus…”), and quick polls of other Pet Glider staff (“Doesn’t he look like an Erasmus?”).  Everything else is fairly elementary when posting a glider...after all, it *is* a certain color, and it *has* an out of pouch date.  But *who* is this glider?  There, my friends, is the rub.

Of course, all of this is done with the expectation that you, the new sugar glider parent, will be changing that name almost immediately.

While there are certainly far more important aspects of sugar glider care such as what diet you should feed your glider, what toys to have in the cage, and how to bond with your glider, the name that you give your new friend can be the first step in that long-lasting link between human and animal.  As a quick wander through the Pedigree Program will show, there are an incredibly wide variety of glider names out there from the cute and quirky to the surprisingly formal.  For some, picking that perfect name is a breeze, but for others, such as myself from time to time, it can be quite the challenge.  That’s why I’d like to offer a few of the resources and methodology behind the naming of gliders here at The Pet Glider.

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Both our Tall and Luxury sugar glider cages for sale have become integral parts when it comes to optimum sugar glider care. Not only do they serve as excellent habitats for your cute little pets, they also keep them safe and protected whenever they are away from your loving arms. To ensure that your cuddly pets will have an even grander time, we offer our new cage sets that will further enhance your sugar gliders' cage experience.

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There’s nothing more rewarding about owning a pet than getting to spend time together learning about each other, and slowly adapting to each other’s ways. Not only does it benefit us as pet owners to be able to enjoy our pets in this way, our pets themselves experience the benefit of finding someone they can trust to take care of and protect them. It is for precisely this reason that we started a promotion last May to give away a free bonding kit, and the best part is, it’s been extended to August 31st!

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Here at The Pet Glider, we know that big love comes in small packages—just look at our charming gliders as proof! To deepen the bond with your furry pal, though, you have to spend quality time with them. Fortunately, we’ve made this easier with our special promo. When you buy a glider at our Houston location from May 15 to July 31, 2014, you also get a bonding kit absolutely free! It includes must-have sugar glider supplies like our popular bonding pouch, a nail clipper, and an assortment of yummy treats.

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Austin, Texas (June 20, 2014) – The Pet Glider is offering older sugar gliders for sale in Austin, TX. Aptly dubbed as the “Rockin' Retirees,” these sweet, healthy, and active sugar gliders perfectly suit families who are looking for more settled pet gliders that are in need of a permanent home. Compared to their younger counterparts, the Rockin' Retirees, especially the couples, are already comfortable with each other, making them excellent choices for families who prefer pets that no longer require significant adjusting.

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San Antonio, Texas (June 27, 2014) – The Pet Glider is offering the Rockin' Retiree program to cater to prospective clients who are searching for older sugar gliders for sale in San Antonio. The licensed breeder encourages San Antonio residents to visit their Houston store for a personal, up-close encounter with their available sugar gliders.

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Until August 31, 2014, get a free bonding kit containing sugar glider accessories when you buy one of our sugar gliders!

One kit per customer

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Dale, one of the great staff here at The Pet Glider, loves to spoil the sugar gliders here, and they've formed a great bond with him.  There are even those, such as the two featured in the video, who can't wait to climb all over him during feeding time!  To get your own sugar gliders, and for more information on The Pet Glider Diet, visit

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In this Quick Tip, Debby of The Pet Glider tells you the benefits of treating your sugar gliders to mealworms, as well as tips on how to feed them.  For more information about sugar gliders, including sweet gliders that you can buy today, please visit!

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Houston isn’t just home to the Johnson Space Center, the Bayou Place theater, and the renowned museum district; it’s also home to one of the most respected sugar glider breeders in the country—The Pet Glider! That’s why people who want sugar gliders in San Antonio often make the trip to H-Town just to visit our store. We, of course, are happy to welcome our friends from the Alamo City and we strive to make their journey worth it.

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Sugar gliders are fun-loving and active animals that thrive on a nutritious, and varied, diet. Fortunately, The Pet Glider offers many sugar glider supplies that will keep your pets healthy and happy!

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Spring has definitely sprung, and for many that means a whirlwind of cleaning around the house.  Sugar glider owners especially know that a clean home means a healthy sugar glider, but keeping their habitat clean can be a bit of a challenge.  Thanks to the great features in The Pet Glider’s sugar glider cages for sale, especially the Luxury High Rise cage, cleaning up after your sugar glider is easier than ever!

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Buy a sugar glider from our Houston shop, and get a bonding kit FREE!

  • From May 15 to July 15 only

Bonding kit contains a bonding pouch and other sugar glider accessories!

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Austin, Texas (May 30, 2014) – Leading sugar glider breeder The Pet Glider is inviting customers looking for sugar gliders for sale in Austin, TX to visit their offices in neighboring Houston, TX.  Customers who want to welcome sweet sugar glider joeys in their homes can also learn several important tips and techniques when it comes to starting your life with sugar gliders, including bonding advice, nail trimming, and more.

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Houston, Texas (May 30, 2014) – The Pet Glider, a USDA licensed Houston sugar glider breeder, is proud to introduce adorable spring joeys, which recently celebrated their out of pouch date, and are ready to become a part of new families. Those who want to welcome cute and healthy sugar gliders into their homes can check out the company’s website for all of their available gliders.

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Buy a sugar glider pair in our Houston office, and get three treats FREE!

  • From April 15 to May 15 only

New treats and sugar glider supplies available!

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Houston, Texas (April 8, 2014) –The Pet Glider continues its special promo for customers interested in sugar gliders for sale in Austin, TX. Those who purchase two sugar gliders while visiting their Houston branch can still receive three free glider treats until May 15, 2014.

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Whether it’s the proud history of the Alamo or the excitement of the rodeo, San Antonio is a city that loves to let its colors fly. When you’re looking for pet sugar gliders for sale in San Antonio that are just as colorful and bold as the city itself, saddle up and ride east to Houston! The Pet Glider, a Houston-based breeder of sweet sugar gliders, is proud to make their incredible selection of mosaic sugar gliders available to their neighbors in San Antonio.

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Here at The Pet Glider, we pride ourselves in providing a range of top-quality supplies sugar glider owners the world over can use to spoil their lovable furry friends. In March, we launched a new promotional offer designed to benefit everyone who is looking to welcome a new pair of sugar gliders into their homes and into their lives. Visit our Houston sugar glider store to pick up your pets in person and get three free treats of your choice to pamper your gliders!

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Owning a sugar glider can be one of the most exciting experiences a pet lover can ever have, and caring for these small creatures can be one of the most fulfilling. To make your quality time with your cute little friends safer and more meaningful, we offer a wide range of sugar glider accessories, starting off with our extensive selection of bonding pouches.

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